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Running a successful business poses plenty of challenges, many of which require an expert understanding of corporate law. To protect your company and avoid costly setbacks, it’s essential to have the right legal support underpinned by a strong commercial mindset.

At Rollits, we act as a partner to your business, not merely an advisor. Offering a truly bespoke service, our corporate law solicitors can deliver the specialist advice you need to successfully operate your business and grow.

  • ‘They are responsive, whether at partner or solicitor level. Their main strength is that all partners know us and understand our business.’

    The UK Legal 500 - 2024 edition
  • "The practice has a nice feel about it, the team are friendly, helpful, very engaging and supportive. They also have a team with broad experience that can cover every eventuality."

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  • "Extremely flexible, agile and knowledgeable on a wide variety of legal issues."

    The UK Legal 500, 2023 edition

No matter your business objectives, we have the experience to help you realise your full potential. Rollits’ corporate team has a wealth of experience working with start-ups, SMEs and larger organisations, including public limited companies, across many different sectors.

We are a partner-led service and work hard at getting to know our clients and their business. With tailor-made support, we help to navigate the legal requirements and responsibilities that modern businesses face. We empower clients to make the most of their opportunities while minimising any potential business risks, adding real world value.

When you work with us, you’ll receive understandable, pragmatic and straightforward legal advice. We always educate clients on our processes and steps, keeping them in the loop without unnecessary legal jargon.

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To discuss your corporate law requirements, get in touch with our specialist corporate lawyers. From our offices in both Hull and York, we support clients in the region and the North, as well as across the rest of the UK.

Call us in Hull on (0)1482 323239 or in York on (0)1904 625790. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and one of our lawyers will get back to you.

Our corporate legal services

Private companies with multiple shareholders need irrefutable shareholders’ agreements to ensure that their relationships run smoothly and that all parties know what is required of them.

Our corporate lawyers can support companies to draft agreements to determine shareholder duties and roles, as well as to govern the way the company is managed. If you’re experiencing a shareholder dispute, we can assist you by reviewing the terms of your agreement and offering dispute resolution processes where necessary.

Reorganisations involve transferring shares or a business in a group company to a different group company. A reorganisation may be used to boost company efficiency or to make the structure of a corporate group more straightforward. Under some circumstances, reorganisation is used to prepare a business for sale or to improve tax outcomes.

Our specialist lawyers can aid your business with all legal aspects of the reorganisation process. This includes protecting your rights during this transition and conducting due diligence on the appropriate groups to assess potential issues.

If your business is looking to collaborate with another company, be it an ongoing arrangement or a one-off project, our solicitors can draft a joint venture agreement to legally establish the appropriate terms.

Joint venture agreements can be a complex area of corporate law and it’s vital that businesses protect their interests. Our legal team has much experience in drafting joint venture agreements, along with the associated corporate documents to include asset transfer agreements and articles of association.

To run your business effectively and continue to develop, it’s essential that you have sufficient funding. At Rollits, we’ve helped businesses in many different industries with their corporate finance needs. We can support you with areas such as:

  • Refinancing and corporate lending
  • Asset-based lending
  • Investing in another company
  • Seeking equity investment
  • Acquisition finance matters

Our legal team has plenty of experience providing advice to businesses concerning all manner of M&A transactions. We offer advice to a wide range of clients for both simple and complicated transactions.

When approaching mergers and acquisitions, there are various matters that must be considered, including everything from competition to tax and compliance issues. When you work with our specialists, rest assured you’re in safe hands. We’ll always keep you up to date throughout the legal processes and ensure that you understand your full duties and obligations.

Making the decision to dispose of a business can be a difficult one, and it’s important that you get advice to support you through the legal steps. You’ll need support to draft and negotiate the Heads of Agreement and the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Our corporate lawyers can help you to meet the relevant due diligence requirements and consider various legal agreements from restrictive covenants to warranties and tax requirements.

A management buy-out means that a business’s management team is using their combined resources to purchase part or all of the organisation that they manage. In the majority of cases, the managers take full ownership and use their expertise to develop the company.

Our corporate law solicitors can guide management teams through the buy-out process. This includes assisting with due diligence as well as preparing and reviewing the relevant documents, such as:

  • Heads of Terms
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Articles of association
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Deeds of release

Our corporate law solicitors have a breadth of experience in venture capital projects, offering legal advice to both investors and businesses receiving funding. No matter what your requirements are we can assist you through every stage of the investment process, helping you to protect your interests along the way.

We can offer support in various ways, including:

  • Educating you on the legal implications of the deal
  • Advice on and drafting of documents including the investment agreement, service contracts and articles of association

Business reconstructions are used to modify the way that a business operates with the aim of improving efficiency and reducing debt. Generally, reconstructions are useful for businesses that are facing financial challenges. Equally, reconstructions can be used to increase the value of a company or prepare a business for a transfer of ownership.

Before you consider a reconstruction it’s vital that you understand all of the implications and potential risks for your business. Our expert lawyers can support you with the legal aspects of reconstructing a business, securing the future of your company and protecting your best interests moving forward.

Company formation refers to the steps taken to register your business with Companies House. By doing so, you’ll be incorporating your company, which turns it into a legal entity. When you incorporate a limited company, you’ll separate yourself and your business in terms of liability and afford yourself protection if your company struggles in the future.

Company formation is best achieved with expert support from experienced corporate lawyers. There are various compliance requirements and making mistakes could compromise your success.

Financial institutions usually require borrowers to seek legal advice to ensure that they understand any security documents which they are signing, for instance, documents related to borrowing money for business funding or buying shares.

Our corporate lawyers can provide clear legal guidance on security documentation that you are preparing to sign. This ensures you fully appreciate your duties, rights and legal standing. It is critically important that businesses understand the terms of any financial agreements they are entering into and the potential risks involved.

Start-ups need stellar legal support from the get-go to make sure they have the best chance of success. When you work with Rollits’ corporate law solicitors, you’ll have a team of experts on your side.

There are plenty of legal issues that start-ups need help with, including:

  • Ensuring the correct legal structure for the business
  • Guidance on structuring your business and establishing the appropriate responsibilities and roles
  • Assessing investment agreements and funding options
  • Negotiating and drafting joint venture and shareholder agreements

Employee share schemes permit staff members to buy company shares at market value or a fixed price. Some businesses also offer shares as an employee benefit. Providing an employee share scheme has many benefits including tax advantages, boosting employee retention and as a succession planning option.

Though there are plenty of benefits, offering an employee share scheme involves various legal and financial considerations. Our corporate lawyers can advise you on the implications and ensure that you approach this venture with a full understanding of the potential outcomes.

Why choose our corporate lawyers?

At Rollits, we’ve developed a fantastic reputation in the community and the legal sector thanks to the high-calibre and passionate people that make up our team.

You’ll find our lawyers to be friendly and straightforward. They’ll take the time to get to know you and understand your concerns, building long-term relationships that add real value to your business.

With over 180 years of legal expertise behind us, you’ll benefit from our wealth of knowledge in the legal and commercial sectors. When you work with Rollits, you’ll receive tailor-made legal advice, and dedicated support you every step of the way. Your solicitor will ensure that they communicate all of the important aspects that you need to know in plain English.

We are incredibly proud of our firm and the part that we play in the community beyond our day-to-day legal work. As a socially responsible firm, we regularly involve ourselves in charity work as well as supporting schools, churches and social enterprises.

Our corporate legal services’ fees

Rollits Corporate Law team offers competitively priced legal fees that reflect the outstanding service we offer. We appreciate that our commercial clients need transparent prices to budget effectively and accurately assess the value for money we offer.

Our fees depend on the particular matter you need assistance with, as well as the level of expertise and support required. A client with straightforward requirements may benefit from fixed fees, while an hourly rate may be more appropriate for those with complex requirements.

To discuss our corporate law fees today, please get in touch using the contact details below. We can offer an accurate estimate of your legal fees based on your circumstances.

Get in touch with our corporate law solicitors today

To discuss your corporate law requirements, get in touch with our expert legal team. From our offices in both Hull and York, we support clients in East Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, as well as nationally across the rest of the UK.

Call us in Hull on (0)1482 323239 or in York on (0)1904 625790. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and one of our lawyers will get back to you.