Pro-active and personal, Rollits' established team of employment law specialists can help you navigate the often complex world of employment legislation. With a proven track record in advising clients ranging from manufacturing industries to charities, we can help you to achieve your objectives whilst avoiding expensive legal bills further down the line.

We believe in the personal touch and try to gain an understanding of our clients' businesses in order work in partnership with them. Raising awareness of employment issues we can offer quick, practical help for HR professionals, executives, line managers and owner/managers as well as bespoke training courses tailored to your needs.

Following the recent landmark decision by the Supreme Court which concluded that the Tribunal Fees were unlawful, employees and former employees are now free to bring claims again without the requirement to pay any fees to the Tribunal. We therefore expect to see an upsurge in tribunal claims as many employees simply could not afford to bring claims previously.

Our Employment Law Experience and Expertise

Rollits offers a comprehensive range of employment services aimed at helping you to establish good practice and deal with ongoing problems as they occur.

With experience of serving clients from a wide range of manufacturing and service industries as well as public sector organisations and charities, we can help you to manage all your workplace issues.

We can help in simplifying and updating employment documentation, negotiate executive severance packages, assist in the presentation and handling of employee disputes and provide advocacy at tribunals.

Employment Protection Scheme

The easy and cost effective way to remove the burden of employment legislation from your business.

With the distraction of increasingly complex and costly employment legislation directly affecting the profitability of many businesses across the UK it could be time to look at how our expertise can allowyou to focus on what you do best.

Organisations turn to us not only because they are facing more frequent employment disputes that are of a greater cost but also because the insurance or HR advisors they have engaged as protection are failing them. Unregulated and unqualified advisors in call centres and cleverly constructed insurance get out clauses are often leaving clients confused and exposed.

To help employers deal with these problems we have launched a dedicated Employment Law Protection Scheme for our clients.

To find out more, fill in the proposal form or contact Ed Jenneson, Head of the employment team

Employment Protection Scheme

Employment Protection Scheme Proposal Form


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Last updated: 30 October 2018

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