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Family businesses continue to take the long view, looking ahead to the next generation and doing what is necessary to ensure that they pave the way for succession. This is even more important during tough economic periods.

Family businesses, of which there are a high concentration in the Yorkshire region, are ideally positioned to fill the gaps that open up in times of recession. For if the region is to boom again it will need these businesses to step up to the mark once more. Many have a fascinating history and some have become international success stories.

Businesses in this sector, while not risk averse, have proven to be adept at building up cash reserves and avoiding reliance upon high levels of bank borrowing. The problems that exist in all corporate business environments are magnified in family and owner managed businesses; operations are intertwined with family relationships and undoubtedly family problems can affect the business if they are not properly managed.

Matrimonial issues, death, health and financial problems all potentially create difficult situations. Rollits can help your business as a trusted advisor. Using our experience we can help guide businesses through the challenges and optimise the opportunities by bringing systematic thinking that cuts through the problems inherent in this sector and contributing essential business knowledge.

Our sector experience

Rollits represents family businesses working across a whole range of sectors and our involvement with some clients dates back to our formation in 1841.

The scale of the businesses we deal with ranges from those with £5m turnovers to those with turnovers running into hundreds of millions, with staffing levels from 25 employees up to thousands. Many have been around for generations and others were established more recently. As these businesses grow, the breadth of legal services required increases.

We take great pleasure in forging long-lasting relationships with these businesses and guiding successive generations through periods of growth. We have seen businesses change beyond recognition with the continuum being the family at the helm. Their legal needs are wide ranging and we have great experience in succession issues, the establishment of limited liability partnerships, pensions, trusts, tax planning, inheritance tax, corporate finance, dispute resolution, exit strategies and de-mergers. We advise on the creation of trust funds, wills and how to pass on shares in the most tax efficient way. Our geographical location has resulted in us building up a client base across a range of sectors. Our region, known for its entrepreneurial spirit, is dominated by family-run businesses.

Why use Rollits?

Our expertise in corporate and commercial law and private capital, in addition to all the other services we offer, really sets us apart from other law firms. We look after family businesses in a very pragmatic way. We play a very active role, using our experience, that helps inform sound business decisions, and work closely with our clients in order to truly understand their needs.

We are fully aware that many families are often very firm in their views, with individual family members having their own visions and goals for the business. We understand that relationships in family businesses sometimes involve a very delicate balance of power and we know how to fine-tune companies to prevent them become disparate entities.  Families businesses view us as trusted advisors who can really help them manage their affairs, allowing them to focus on business interests.

Our services

  • Banking and finance
  • Contracts and commercial issues
  • Dispute resolution
  • Property
  • Corporate, corporate finance, recovery and insolvency
  • Employment and pensions
  • IT and Information Law
  • Planning, construction and development
  • Succession planning
  • Family disputes and divorce
  • Regulatory matters

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