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Dealing with a legal dispute can be very expensive, as well as a drain on valuable time and resources. Property disputes, especially when it involves a business’ premises, can sometimes add an emotional aspect to the dispute, and so matters feel all the more complicated.

When dealing with commercial property litigation matters, having the support of a commercial property litigation solicitor is crucial. Rollits has long been recognised as a leading practice in property dispute resolution. We are recommended as experts in this field by the leading industry guide “The UK Legal 500”.

Rollits’ Property Dispute Resolution Team is renowned for providing practical, commercial advice. We have extensive experience helping businesses and individuals to avoid property disputes or conclude any dispute that they are involved in. Our understanding of dispute resolution procedures enables us to deal with legal disputes efficiently and robustly if necessary.

The experience and strength of our property dispute resolution team, combined with our commercial property lawyers and planning, development and construction specialists, means that we are uniquely placed to take on more complex projects incorporating these different disciplines. It also means that, should the need arise, we’re not afraid to have difficult conversations. Our team will always provide an honest picture of your legal situation so that you know precisely where you stand.

  • l have found Rollits to be very thorough in all aspects of our case, and have been advised and guided very professionally, specifically Mr Chris Drinkall, who is a partner in the firm.

    The UK Legal 500, 2022 edition - Property Litigation

Our commercial property litigation expertise

Our property dispute lawyers have a wealth of experience in a range of matters, including:

  • Contentious and Non-Contentious Lease Renewals
  • Dilapidations
  • Forfeiture
  • Break clauses
  • Boundaries
  • Subsidence claims
  • Rights of way
  • Party Wall Act
  • Access to Neighbouring Land
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Rent arrears
  • Trespassers and Squatters

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Our commercial property litigation legal services

Contentious and Non-Contentious Lease Renewals

Both landlords and tenants have significant decisions to make before the expiration of a commercial lease.

We advise Landlords and Tenants as to their rights under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, the ways in which a lease can be brought to an end, and what options are available to either oppose the grant of a new lease, or apply for a new one.

We have extensive experience in dealing with contentious lease renewals, and can help both Landlords and Tenants in their efforts to secure their desired outcomes.


Dilapidations refer to the condition of a property at the end of a lease, including the requirement to carry out certain actions e.g. decorating and removing fittings and alterations.

Our specialist solicitors regularly advise on dilapidations claims, assisting Landlords in pursuing Tenants for breaching their obligations, and assisting Tenants on defending claims. Our team advise parties on the application of Section 18 Landlord & Tenant Act 1927, and have a network of specialist surveyors and dilapidations barristers that we work in collaboration with to secure positive outcomes for clients.


If a tenant breaches the terms of their lease,  a landlord may be able to forfeit the lease,  whether be peaceable re-entry, or by issuing possession proceedings

There are many traps that parties can inadvertently fall foul of when it comes to forfeiture. Our Team can take you, whether you are a Landlord or Tenant, through the various steps that need to be taken to legally forfeit a lease, and the options that are available once a lease has been forfeited.

Break clauses

Break clauses can often be found in commercial lease. They provide a non-hostile means to bring a lease to an end prior to the expiry of the contractual term.

The valid termination of a lease through the use of a break notice is often straightforward, but considerable care needs to be taken to ensure that any conditions present in the break clause are strictly adhered to

Our specialist property litigation team can advise on the intricacies of a break clause, and assist with any disputes that may arise from a break clause.


Boundaries are a common source of disputes between parties, with such disputes leading top protracted and costly proceedings.

Our solicitors can assist you in relation to any concerns or queries that you may have regarding a boundary between land or properties, and where appropriate, help you pursue, of defend, claim arising from a boundary dispute

Subsidence claims

Subsidence occurs when a commercial property begins to sink into the ground, whether part of the business or the entirety.

We can assist with pursuing and defending subsidence claims, advising on the suitable options and guiding you through the process.

Rights of way and Rights of Way

Our solicitors will help you understand what rights, if any, a property may have over other land, or in relation to light, and the options available to you where a dispute arises in relation to either an express right, or a right that is claimed by virtue of alleged continuous use and enjoyment of a ‘right’.

Party Wall Act

Where work is to be carried to a party wall, or in close proximity to the boundary, the Party Wall Act 1996 imposes statutory obligations that must be followed before any work can be done.

Our specialist solicitors can advise you upon the statutory process that must be followed, and the options that you have in circumstances where an applicable process had not been followed, or a dispute arises out of the proposed work

Access to Neighbouring Land

Access to neighbouring land may be required to carry out maintenance, cleaning, repairs, etc.

Our solicitors can provide advice of your rights under the Access to Neighbouring Land Act and can assist with applying to the court for an access order.

Restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants prohibit certain actions being taken on the property.

Our solicitors can assist with both challenging and enforcing restrictive covenants, and advising on the appropriate actions to take and applying to court if necessary.

Rent arrears

It can be a frustrating and expensive situation if your tenant fails to pay their rent.

Our commercial property litigation solicitors can assist with rent arrears recovery, answering any questions you may have about your rights and the involved procedures.

Trespassers and Squatters

If an individual is occupying your property without the right to do so, speaking to a solicitor is crucial to understand your rights and the options available. Our solicitors at Rollits can also help you to ensure that you are in compliance with the relevant laws.

Why choose our commercial property litigation solicitors?

Our team is built on talented legal practitioners, helping to create an outstanding relationship and reputation with the Hull and York communities.

We are friendly and approachable, and always ensure that we tailor our legal advice and assistance to your situation. The team believe in creating strong relationships with clients and their businesses. At Rollits we will get to know you, including your concerns and the needs of your business, so that we can provide you with the best possible service.

We will keep you up to date through each stage of the matter and be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Our commercial property litigation service fees

Our service pricing is based on the outstanding quality of service we provide clients. We provide a clear price estimate to clients from the outset, so they have a fair understanding of the costs involved.

Our fees will depend on your personal circumstances and the assistance you require. For more straightforward commercial property litigation, we are able to offer our services on a fixed fee basis. Where matters are more complex, you will be charged an appropriate hourly rate.

To discuss our commercial litigation service fees today, please get in touch using the contact details below. We can offer an accurate estimate of your legal fees based on your circumstances.

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