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Trainees choose Rollits after completing work experience

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Trainees choose Rollits after completing work experience

Rollits  has announced the appointment of two new trainee solicitors who were both attracted to apply by their experience of work placements with the firm.

Building on the success of putting local people at the heart of its recruitment strategy, the firm has continued to employ young talent and attract graduates back into the local area.

Emma Horscraft was interested in a career in law when she spent a week on work experience with Rollits at the age of 17. Molly Bloom applied for a training contract with the firm after completing a vacation placement in 2019.

Emma passed her law degree at the University of Law in Leeds with First Class Honours and then stayed on for her Masters in Law and the Legal Practice Course which she successfully completed in August 2022.

Molly began her law degree at the University of Hull in 2017 and graduated with a First Class Honours degree in law in 2021.  She stayed on to complete an MSc in Business Management which she passed with distinction before moving to The University of Law in Leeds to complete her Legal Practice Course.

Caroline Neadley, Training Principal at Rollits said: “We place a great deal of importance on our ability to offer aspiring solicitors the valuable opportunity of work experience. The two week programme is specifically designed to offer candidates a real insight into a career in law and the culture of Rollits. This was a key factor in helping Emma and Molly choose the legal profession and pursue their career at Rollits and we are delighted to welcome them to our team.

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