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Rollits recruits expert speakers for Biz Week discussion about workplace culture

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Rollits recruits expert speakers for Biz Week discussion about workplace culture

A law firm which reaped recognition in several awards schemes for its focus on wellbeing during Humber Business Week 2022 will develop the theme further during this year’s Biz Week programme.

Rollits LLP will present an event “Corporate Culture – why it matters and how to build it”, with advance bookings already indicating a strong turnout at The Deep in Hull on Tuesday 6 June.

The line-up of experts will comprise Harry Rix, Chief Digital Officer of Rix Group, Diana Taylor, Managing Director of Future Humber and Bondholders, and Caroline Neadley, a Partner at Rollits and a specialist in employment law.

Rollits won the Hull Business Improvement District (HullBID) award for Commitment to Health and Wellbeing earlier this year after impressing judges with a Biz Week event which enabled employers to share the firm’s work on health and wellbeing free of charge across their own networks. The firm was also shortlisted in other major business awards.

Pat Coyle, Director of Marketing and Client Relations, said this year’s event will look at the importance of developing a good workplace culture where employees feel valued, respected, and supported and are encouraged to share ideas.

Pat said: “The idea came from our annual staff conference building on the event we held last year about wellbeing and resilience.

“We’ll look at the benefits of a positive workplace culture in terms of attracting and retaining top talent and fostering innovation, creativity and loyalty amongst staff.

“We’ll also look at what it takes to create such an atmosphere.  It doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time, effort, and commitment from everyone involved.”

Diana Taylor, who held senior positions in industry before joining the Bondholders,  will explore the questions of what business means by culture, why it is important and what the risks are of ignoring it,

Harry Rix will share his insight on the importance of workplace culture in the context of a rapidly expanding, sixth generation company that has remained successful in a variety of sectors by maintaining its core values while adapting to the changing expectations of work.

Caroline Neadley will discuss the key elements of a successful corporate culture in a professional services environment drawing on her employment law specialism to explain why inclusivity and accountability are vital to cultural engagement with employees.

Pat said: “Our speakers are all highly experienced and knowledgeable and bring front-line experience of anticipating and addressing workplace culture and associated issues. The event is already generating significant interest among business leaders, entrepreneurs, HR directors and managers.”

Corporate Culture – why it matters and how to build it” will be presented by Rollits as part of Humber Business Week at The Deep on Tuesday 6 June from 3pm until 5pm.

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