Rollits offers opportunity to embrace excellence at Biz Week event banner


Rollits offers opportunity to embrace excellence at Biz Week event

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Rollits offers opportunity to embrace excellence at Biz Week event

Rollits will focus on the importance of continuing professional development and cultivating a competitive edge for this year’s Humber Business Week event which has become a highlight of the annual programme.

Managing Partner Ralph Gilbert will lead the event, which will take place at the MKM Stadium in Hull from 2pm until 4pm on Tuesday June 4. He will be joined by Caroline Hardcastle, head of the firm’s education team, and guest presenter Sarah Young, who runs her own education consultancy Young+ Limited.

The “Embracing Excellence” event will apply some of the lessons of the learning environment to the business landscape and will build on Rollits’ presentation at last year’s Biz Week about the importance of a good corporate culture for staff development.

The session will explore the science behind learning and the practical strategies which can be developed to bring benefits for both employees and the organisation as a whole.

Ralph said: “We have to embrace excellence in our work to demonstrate ongoing competence and a high standard of professional conduct and client protection. Businesses in all sectors will have their own measurements for that as they work to  meet regulatory requirements and deliver excellent client service.

“For individuals there’s a chance to expand their knowledge, develop new skills, and enhance their professional capabilities. That boosts employee morale and satisfaction and brings a sense of personal satisfaction and career progression.”

Sarah Young comments “With billions poured into Continuous Professional Development (CPD) globally every year, this session is your chance to assess why training staff is critical and how empowering every employee through continuous development benefits your organisation”.

Admission to Embracing Excellence is free of charge but advance booking is recommended via the Humber Business Week website at

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