A Valentine’s Gift for Tenants: Ban on Evictions Extended, again.

In a Press Release issued today (14 February 2021), the Government has announced that the ban on the eviction of tenants from residential properties has been extended by another 6 weeks.

The current ban on evictions was due to be lifted on 21 February 2021. Today’s announcement that the ban will be extended until 31 March 2021 (there are limited exceptions to the ban - see my previous blog for details ) whilst coming as a relief to some tenants, will, on the flip side, come as another blow to those Landlords who, for one reason or another, who are becoming increasingly desperate to recover possession.

As before, the Press Release states that the ban will be kept under review, leaving open the possibility that the ban could be extended further still.  Perhaps the most surprising part of today’s Press Release is not that another extension has been announced - readers of my previous blog will recall that I expected as much - but that the Government gave us more than 1-2 days notice this time.

As and when there is any further news, I’ll provide another update.

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Posted on: 14/02/2021

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