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Work Experience 2022 – Feedback

Wiktoria Przybylska

Wiktoria Przybylska

I really enjoyed my time at Rollits for the last two weeks. Everything was organised so that we could really experience the life of a trainee in Rollits. Everyone was approachable and I knew that I could ask questions and someone would be willing to help me. Moving between sectors gave me opportunities to further my knowledge of the inner workings of a law firm, it was a great insight of what work is required for different sectors, varying from drafting a Will to research tasks. It also helped me understand what I should do to receive a training contract. It was a great and enjoyable experience.

Daniel Huntley-Taylor

Daniel Huntley-Taylor

I cannot praise the effort and time spent on structuring this Scheme enough. The structure and planning behind it help candidates feel more comfortable knowing the two-weeks is going to be as close to a mini training contract as possible. All of the team are friendly and approachable and instantly make you feel welcome. Particular care is put into the firm finding out as much about you as possible, not just checking your work. All the team are keen to get to know you as a person, and want to help you settle in as much as possible.

There is an opportunity to meet some of the team outside of the office in a more informal setting, which is excellent for getting to know you on a personal level. The candidates are all given the opportunity to present to the Trainee Solicitor recruitment panel, and feedback is detailed and constructive.

The team are willing to let candidates assist on live matters through research. There is a constant stream of work in the workbook to keep you busy and allow you to broaden your knowledge. The team are keen to know if the work you are doing is helping you, and if it has given you enough confidence to apply for the Training Contract at Rollits.

Throughout the firm there is opportunities to speak to Partners, Marketing, I.T, Finance, Trainee’s and NQ Solicitors. This allows for you to be able to hear what the firm is like as a workplace, the inner workings of it and the routes of progression. There was also an Elevenses during the two-weeks, which allowed for the team to sit and catch up with each other away fro their desks. As candidates this also gave us the opportunity to meet more people within the firm, speak to them and make a lasting impression.

I would have to say that the placement is not only about the firm assessing you, but you assessing them. Is this the right firm for you, do they cover the area you have an interest in, is the work to a high level. Rollits will give you every opportunity to showcase your talent, but will also take every opportunity to share theirs. I think it is important for candidates to get an understanding of Rollits and the work they do, the Scheme is also structured so that the deadline for the Training Contract is after the placement has ended. This gives candidates time to commit to an application and send it off with the experience fresh in their mind.

I would strongly advise any student who would like a career in law to apply to the Scheme and get a taste of what is to come in a Training Contract, and later career.

Thank you to the firm for giving me the opportunity to come on board for two-weeks, I hope to see you all again in the near future!

Nathan Foster

Nathan Foster

I have had a great two-week experience at Rollits, everyone is very friendly and approachable and there are no silly questions. It has been great to experience a busy law firm and gain an insight into some of the work undertaken by moving round the different departments like a mini training contract, helping me to further my knowledge. We were given opportunities to get involved in current cases as partners and trainees set research tasks, helping me to further my knowledge. It has been great to meet everybody within the firm and get to know them and about their experiences and everyone is willing to help or answer any questions.

Kiana Tate

Kiana Tate

The two weeks experience at Rollits gave me an insight to how friendly and welcoming the firm are, everybody makes time for you to answer questions and help you with anything you are struggling with. It was interesting to sit in different departments and do different tasks to help further my knowledge in each field, I never felt lost for work and everyone was willing to give you work that may help them in their research. I came into Rollits unsure on what to do after my degree and now after enjoying my experience, I feel much more confident moving forwards in my education and career with a goal at the end.

Harry Naylor

Over the past two weeks I have been given the opportunity to participate in the Vacation Scheme at Rollits. I have been able to undertake a “mini training contract” by having a seat in the different areas that Rollits work in, such as Dispute Resolution, Property and Private Capital.

In Dispute Resolution I have been given the chance to expand my legal drafting skills by drafting a letter before action statement. As well as this I have had the opportunity to chat with fellow trainees and solicitors which has widened my knowledge and made me realise why I want to become a solicitor.

Rollits have been very friendly and welcoming in the past two weeks and it has been such an amazing experience, I would do it all over again. Thank You Rollits LLP and I will see you soon.

Olivia Williamson

have had a fantastic and well-informed experience at Rollits. It has been a very informative and eye-opening two weeks. We’ve had talks on the various departments within the firm, including marketing, accounts, and IT. During my short time here, I have completed a diverse range of tasks, such as a pitch exercise, enabling me to work as a team, a client meeting exercise, and a solo presentation, all of which have grown my confidence. The firm has a friendly work environment, making everyone approachable. Any questions I asked were all answered. I leave the work experience programme feeling more confident and I look forward to starting my career in law.

Charlotte Milligan

I really enjoyed my work experience at Rollits LLP. It had such a friendly environment and I learnt so much by being able to go and ask the staff questions. There really was no such thing as a silly question! That’s allowed me to come out of this experience with more knowledge then I went in with and a solidified idea of what I’ll do in the future.

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