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Lilly Grant

I have just completed the Rollits summer work placement, which has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Despite being nervous on my first day I was instantly made to feel welcome following an introductory session and a tour of the offices, where I was introduced to many of the firm's employees who were all very friendly and welcoming. The placement was structured as a mini training contract where I was given the opportunity to spend a number of days in each of the firm's  core departments, including dispute resolution, company and commercial and property. In each department I was given a number of tasks to complete ranging from conducting research relating to a piece of legislation to drafting a letter to a client. I found the variety of the work very interesting and it provided me with greater insight into the day to day work of a solicitor.

Alongside spending time in each department, I was able to take part in a number of other activities including attending various talks on finance, administration and IT which I found very informative.  I also visited the York office, where the other work experience students and I were given a marketing talk which developed my understanding of the importance of marketing within a law firm. Following this, in groups we participated in an exercise to consider possible marketing strategies to recruit future trainees. We were then all treated to lunch which was delicious and gave me the opportunity to socialise with a few of the employees outside of the office. In addition, along with the other work experience students, I was asked to present a presentation at the end of the placement from a list of sample questions. I chose the topic of the legal marketplace in relation to whether I thought the small high street firm was doomed. I enjoyed researching this topic as I learnt a great deal. I was extremely anxious about giving my presentation however after presenting it, I felt pleased I had done it and felt it had increased my confidence in public speaking.

On a whole, the work placement at Rollits was a valuable and rewarding experience which provided me with a great insight into how a law firm operates. Furthermore, I would highly recommend students who are interested in pursuing a career in law to apply for the placement.

Lilly Grant, 3rd year Law and Criminology, University of Sheffield

Posted on: 16/07/2015

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