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Josef Zanetti

Before starting my work experience at Rollits I was worried that being a History student, and therefore  having very little prior legal knowledge, would place me at a disadvantage, however the team at Rollits were extremely supportive and I quickly found my confidence.  The work I was set was very varied, ranging from researching legislation to working on current cases.  I spent 3 days in each department, which gave me the opportunity to experience different areas of law such as Commercial, Property and Dispute resolution.  I also visited the York offices where I took part in a marketing discussion which provided me with a valuable insight into the functions of a Law firm.  

I feel the experience was an extremely rewarding one and I would thoroughly recommend the work experience programme at Rollits for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Law.

Josef Zanetti, 1st Year History, Bristol University

Posted on: 10/07/2015

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