What does it mean to be free?

Rollits is proud to sponsor Freedom Festival’s ON EDGE presented by Justice in Motion - the adrenaline fuelled gravity defying show which reveals the very real problem of modern slavery told through physical theatre.

Walk past any construction site and you’ll see a number of men busily scamper around the scaffolding as the building slowly emerges from the cement, brick and mud. Take a closer look and what will you see?

Atop towering scaffolding, a group of men ricochet around a building site. Their routine may give a sense of purpose and security yet behind the perimeter fencing, all is not as it first appears.

The astonishing, adrenaline-fuelled, gravity-defying moves of the international cast are mesmerising. The story eye-opening and hard-hitting, inextricably weaving in beauty and humour.

In an exploration of freedom, Justice in Motion and the Inspire Parkour Community collaborate on a unique production exposing how modern slavery exists within our communities, under our noses yet outside our knowledge. Don’t miss it!

Performance Times

Saturday 31 August - 12:45 & 17:30

Sunday 1 September - 12:45 & 17:00

Posted on: 30/08/2019

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