Using Remote Working To Support A Growing Law Firm

Rollits has a long tradition of building good client relationships and providing excellent legal advice.

However, if its lawyers had an issue to deal with or a case they needed to work on in the evenings or the weekends, they would have to stay late at work or make a special trip to the office. The Rollits IT team felt that without a remote working system, the productivity of its workforce was being impeded. They needed to be able to open up the firm's systems, but do so in a way that wouldn't compromise data security and client confidentiality.

The issue was to be able to secure Rollits' systems and applications, whilst at the same time enabling employees to work from their home, the train or when away on business, using whatever device they needed.

Mike Wasling, IT Director at Rollits comments, "We chose SMS PASSCODE because the solution ticked all the boxes - the way it works is very straightforward, it improved our security offering and users find it really easy to use."

The implementation of the SMS PASSCODE multi-factor authentication system was seamless and it was installed and configured with no disruption to staff. Mike says of the support, "The technical support we received was exceedingly good - they looked at any issues we had and resolved them really quickly. Their level of knowledge is excellent."

The simplicity of the SMS PASSCODE solution is a big plus. Mike says, "Our users think it's brilliant - they can now use their iPad and home PC to access systems easily and securely." And for the IT team, the ease of use in terms of management of the solution is highly beneficial and doesn't take much of their time.

But the biggest benefit for Rollits has been the increase in productivity, through enabling lawyers to work from home and when out of the office. As Mike explains, "We have witnessed massive take up of remote working since we implemented SMS PASSCODE - 30 of our lawyers use it extensively. We have noticed a big uplift in productivity - in the first three months of being operational, there were over 400 log ins. The lawyers love it as it means they can service clients quickly and efficiently from home and don't have to come into the office on weekends any longer."

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Posted on: 15/06/2016

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