Rollits supports Swerving East in building on Toads success

Del Whitticase with Julian Wild, Donna Ingleby & Pat Coyle.

Rollits responded to support the team behind a new and exciting follow-up to Larkin with Toads as they unveiled initial ideas for their project at an exhibition in Beverley Minster.

Swerving East organised the event to present the options for a fun, interactive sculpture trail which will be installed across Hull and East Yorkshire in 2016 as part of the build up to City of Culture.

Rollits sponsored the networking event which gave Swerving East organisers the opportunity to bring together the artists behind the concepts, corporate supporters of the project and people from the wider business community.

Del Whitticase, one of the artists involved, said: "The first challenge was in trying to come up with something that could be better than Larkin with Toads!

"The second is that there were four of us all feeding from the same pond. I was concerned that we might all be looking at the same things and might therefore develop similar ideas, but thankfully they are all very different."

Elaine Burke, Partnerships and Artistic Director of Three Ways East, the company behind Swerving East, said: "When we began our search for artists we were inundated with the most amazing applications from all over the world, which illustrates the global reach of Larkin with Toads and the eagerness to be involved in Swerving East.

"The next step is to get the support of more businesses to fund the delivery of Swerving East and to take the exhibition to other parts of the region so we can get the feedback from the communities who supported Toads so enthusiastically. Our networking event at Beverley Minster was a key part of that process and we are extremely grateful to Rollits for their sponsorship."

Julian Wild, who attended the event with Pat Coyle and Donna Ingleby, said: "We feel that this is a really interesting concept and can build on the success of Larkin with Toads, which really captured the imagination of people in the area.

"Beverley Minster is a brilliant setting, there are four very interesting ideas for the project and we look forward to seeing it advance to the next stage."

Further details of the project can be found at

Posted on: 23/05/2014

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