Rollits support Whizz-Kidz with Work Experience Placement for Leah

Rollits are very proud to support Whizz-Kidz charity by providing work experience for disabled young people in the region.

Whizz-Kidz is a charity with a mission to transform the lives of disabled children by providing the equipment, support and life skills they need, when they need them - giving them the chance to develop their full potential.

In November we welcomed Leah Rowles who joined us for a week long placement. You can read all about Leah's experience and what she did during her week with us in her blog below.

Leah's blog

Duties completed whilst on placement

Monday - Private Capital with Lucy, this was very interesting experience as I wrote a report about social media and how it can be reflected within a will. Prior to doing this I had no clue social media had an impact on a persons will. I also had a little knowledge about digital asset management as a whole. I also researched lasting power of attorney and guardianships along with finding out the difference between lasting power of attorney and enduring power of attorney. All in all this is a very friendly department, I felt extremely welcomed. The attitude of everybody was great.

Tuesday - Commercial Law with Hollie, this was great fun learning all about share buy back. In this department I learnt about all the different structures of companies, the benefits of each structure and the disadvantages. This department was also very friendly and I enjoyed it very much.

Wednesday - Dispute Resolution with Sophie, I completed a letter to a client who was in a neighbour dispute giving him advice and explaining terms such as harassment and the different types. Its amazing how little things actually are effected by the law.

Thursday -  Property with Amy, I spent the majority of my time filling in information about stamp duty land tax on various properties. Although I have to admit I didn't find this the most interesting department, it was very worthwhile.

Friday - Dispute Resolution with Sophie, family and matrimonial research and into the differences between a divorce and legal separation. This is extremely interesting and I never realised there were as much legal procedures to an every day occurrence.

Summing up her week with Rollits, Leah said "Overall the attitude was absolutely excellent, I felt very welcomed and I do believe that your slogan 'more than just a law firm' truly reflects the way you are."

Mark Dixon, Partner and Training Principal at Rollits comments "We are pleased to be able to support Whizz-Kidz by providing work placements to their members and give them real-life experience of what it is like to work in a commercial office environment."

Posted on: 11/12/2014

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