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Rollits provides advice about suspensions and exclusions in the education sector

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Rollits provides advice about suspensions and exclusions in the education sector

Hull Is This spoke to Caroline Hardcastle about the firm's  dedicated support to  schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts, and the delivery of  an insightful workshop on Wednesday 28 June.

Over the last year, Rollits has held a number of business breakfasts on a variety of topics and asked people to suggest other areas they might be interested in, one of which was suspensions and exclusions in the education sector. Caroline Hardcastle is a Partner and the Head of Education at Rollits, so we had a chat with her about what this means for education leaders.

“On Wednesday 28 June we’re holding a practical workshop at Swanland Primary School that will highlight the legal process around suspensions and exclusions,” said Caroline. “This event will be very useful for headteachers and especially school governors, as those with statutory responsibility must have a detailed understanding of the process.”

Caroline told us that in September 2022, new guidance was released by the Department for Education and this is being updated again, taking effect from September 2023:

“Our event is perfectly timed, as it will provide education leaders with the information and guidance they require before the new provisions take effect. The workshops will look at the processes and procedures from a legal perspective, which will be covered by me and Senior Solicitor Harriet Wheeldon. We’ll be joined by Sarah Young, who has over twenty years of school and Trust leadership experience. Sarah will explain what the guidance means, what to consider, and how it will affect you.”

The new guidance from the DfE is designed to encourage schools to look at all options, including managed moves and off-site direction, so that exclusions are a last resort. Schools are also required to record information on suspensions and exclusions, which the governing board can then analyse to determine if there are any common themes that will help to minimise the number of exclusions.

“We’re looking forward to holding this event,” said Caroline. “If you work in the education sector, come and join us for an informative session which will highlight the legal process and share top tips.”

This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.
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