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Rollits pleased to support Hull College Studio School project

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Rollits has helped Hull College with its successful bid toopen a Studio School in the city.

The Department of Education has announced that Hull Collegehas been successful with its application and the `Hull StudioSchool`, which will be one of the first in the region, will open inSeptember 2012, on the Hull College campus in Queen`sGardens.

The Studio School will welcome a total of 300 students agedbetween 14 and 19 years old and will focus on providing youngpeople with the essential employability skills they need to enterthe world of work. Students will spend a significant amount of timeeach week in unpaid and paid work placements linked directly toemployment opportunities in the local area.

Students at the Studio School will also undertake traditionalGCSE subjects alongside vocational (work-related) qualifications,the majority of the learning will take place through carrying outcommunity and employer projects.

Richard Field, Managing Partner of Rollits LLPcomments:

"Rollits has been proud to play a small part in helping theCollege to deliver business-oriented mentoring in the past and arepleased to commit to develop that further in engaging with theStudio School.

We believe that there is a significant appetite for what theSchool has to offer and that many local employers will embrace theopportunity to work with the College in shaping the development ofyoung people who wish to become involved in enterprise and attainthe skills that they will need to contribute and prosper in abusiness environment. The Studio School will serve a local needwhich is growing stronger by the day."

Dr Elaine McMahon, Hull College Principal and Chief Executiveof the Hull College Group, commented:

"Hull College is recognised as an innovative leader ineducation. We are delighted to have been appointed as sponsor andlook forward to working closely with the Local Authority, employerpartners, the DFE and local schools to offer a complementary choiceof education pathways at 14."

This announcement follows recent success for the College inbecoming one of the first in the country to offer full timeeducation to 14 year olds, following the early closure of the DavidLister School in Hull. The College is also the main sponsor ofSirius Academy.

Lynne Richardson, Director of Young People`s Learning,added:

"We are very pleased that we have the support of so manylocal, regional and national employers, who have recognised theStudio School model as being a route that will enhance youngpeoples' employability skills."

David Nicoll, Chief Executive of Studio Schools Trustcomments,

"We are delighted that the Hull Studio School has beenapproved by the Department of Education - one of 12 new StudioSchools to open in 2012 - and we very much look forward to workingwith them in the future. This new school is a ground breaking wayin which to deliver education, combining mainstream qualificationswill real experience of the world of work, and the development ofkey employability skills. The Studio School will play an importantrole in shaping the future workforce across the region. Six StudioSchools are already open and over fifty are in the pipeline, and welook forward to improving the employment prospects and life chancesof young people across the East Yorkshire region."

Mark McCluskey, P&O Ferries, also believes that the HullStudio School will benefit students and businesses,

"P&O is very pleased to support the development of aStudio School for Hull. We already have a number of projects inmind for the Studio School students to participate in which willbenefit our organisation. We look forward to continue to work inpartnership with the Studio School and Hull College to develop anexciting and alternative education model at 14-19 focussed onemployability."

Further information on the Hull Studio School is available onthe College website, College will be hosting an open evening for all interestedyoung people and their families in January.

This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.

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This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.
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