Rollits move to their new home banner


Rollits move to their new home

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Rollits move to their new home

Rollits has recently undergone a major relocation and rebrand tobetter align itself with the needs of a 21st century law firm andthe needs of its staff and clients.

The decision to invest in Citadel House came as the firm waslooking towards expansion and to enter a new phase of growth.

As well as creating a new and modern working environment forstaff and a purpose built reception and meeting room complex forclients, the rebrand was an opportunity to refresh the company'simage and future-proof the brand.

The new office space was designed by RFD Interior Design andcompleted by Ark Interiors, part of The Strata Group, both fellowHull brands. The new building's interior design and layout weretackled with great sensitivity in order to preserve Rollitsrequirements for a new modern working environment coupled with theneed for confidentiality within client areas and "thinking space"for lawyers.

The brand 'refresh' was handled by Headland, adigital agency with offices in Leeds and Nottinghamwho Rollits have worked with for over 15 years to deliverall their digital, design and print needs.

Rollits was founded in 1841 when solicitor John Rollit openedhis first law practice in Bowlalley Lane, Hull. Now employing 100staff, the firm will be celebrating 175 years of business in Junethis year.

RFD Interior Architecture and Ark Interiors have collaborated onprojects together in the past, making the process of creating thenew Rollits' space familiar territory for the veteran companies.RFD Interior Architects were brought in to collaborate on everyphase of the project, choosing to work with Ark Interiors early inthe process.

The new, open-plan work environment is much more modern thanRollits current office structure in Wilberforce Court. The moderninterior sports a purpose built reception, meeting rooms and aconference facility that can house up to 60 people.

The new, four story build has a different colour scheme on eachfloor, allowing for dynamic work environments for staff and anexcellent meeting space for clients and visitors. The legal firm,proud of its rich history in the location, chose to stay in thecity's old town as they were proud of the brand's roots andheritage and wanted to ensure that the growing area remained a partof the firm's culture.

Ralph Gilbert, Managing Partner of Rollits comments "We areextremely proud of our roots and heritage and wanted to stay in thecentre of Hull when we relocated. Being right in the heart of theold town is perfect for us as we focus on scaling up activity inour core service areas and look to increase business in our nichesectors. We are excited about the continuing development andsuccess of our practice and the part our move to Citadel House willplay in the redevelopment of the city and the Old Town."

Alex Jenneson, Director of RFD Interior Architects said "We werepleased to work alongside Ark Interiors again. The hard work andattention to detail they pride themselves on made them a perfectfit for this project. We worked closely with the team from Rollitsand think the new building and design has truly connected peopleand their departments within Rollits, giving the firm a truly freshapproach for modern working practices and a clean contemporaryfeeling that reflects the quality of the brand well."

Rebbeca Biggart of Ark Interiors said "It was great tocollaborate with RFD again and to work with such a great brand likeRollits on this project. We are all really pleased with the endresult"

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This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.
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