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Rollits launch second set of Education Breakfast Briefings

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Rollits launch second set of Education Breakfast Briefings

Hull Is This spoke to Head of Education, Caroline Hardcastle about what education institutions can expect from these insightful events.

With the new academic year on the horizon, Rollits is preparing to begin its second year of Breakfast Briefings. Building on the success of its partnership with education consultant Sarah Young of YoungPlus, together the organisations plan to add value to education institutions, from primary and secondary schools to multi-academy trusts, colleges and universities.

Caroline Hardcastle, Partner and Head of Education at Rollits, explained what’s in store: “The partnership of Rollits and YoungPlus is unique for our region, as it combines crucial legal sector guidance with practical  advice. Sarah Young has many years of hands-on experience “at the coal face” in the education sector, which complements our legal advice, putting it into context and explaining how institutions can work within constraints implemented by their sector. A large part of this is how organisations can remain compliant, agile and responsive even if they have limited time and resources, which is of enormous help to educational bodies.”

The partnership between Rollits and YoungPlus was conceived in January 2021 and the first set of Breakfast Briefings that took place in the last academic year were a huge success. Having received lots of positive feedback, they have decided to continue the events and align them with school term times.

“We identified three topics that Rollits and YoungPlus receive a lot of questions about,” said Caroline. “These include the challenges of complex SEND needs, how to sustain a positive workplace culture, and managing reputational risks.”

As well as sharing advice, the Education Breakfast Briefings are an opportunity for headteachers and senior leadership teams to meet in a setting outside of their schools to exchange ideas, talk about key issues and topics, network within their sector, and engage with a community of likeminded educators.

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