Rollits champions Humber renewables industry

The Humber Renewables Awards 2013, which are dedicated to the Humber's green energy industry and showcase the "talent" the region offers the sector, brings together individuals, businesses and other organisations which are all playing their part to make the area a leading centre for low-carbon activity.

For the second year running Rollits is sponsoring the Humber Renewables Champion category at the Awards, which take place on Friday 1 March at The Deep in Hull.

The Humber Renewables Champion section is aimed at an individual, company or public sector body that has passionately shouted about the merits of the region, raising its profile in the renewables arena.

Mark Dixon says: "Rollits is strongly committed to the energy agenda and the Humber Renewables Awards showcase the region's best talent in this sector. Last year's awards highlighted all the renewable energy initiatives in this region, bringing together all the key players in a star-studded event.

"The past year, with all the anticipation following the decision to grant planning permission for Green Port Hull, has set the scene for local companies such as the Spencer Group to gear up for the renewable opportunities that lie ahead.

"Last year we launched our new website highlighting our sector expertise in the renewables arena which draws together multi-disciplinary expertise from across the firm to service the renewables sector.

  "We continue to advise landowners and developers on a whole range of renewable energy developments, in particular wind energy, hydroelectric schemes and PV advice. The current planning system remains a challenge for all those involved in this sector.

"Rollits works with many landowners throughout Yorkshire on wind farm developments at all stages, and has helped many agricultural clients to maximise the returns offered by wind energy installations.

"We also have significant experience in biomass, photovoltaic technology combined heat and power plants and hydroelectricity developments and work on behalf of hydroelectricity companies, consortiums of landowners and community interest companies advising on financial security issues, leases to secure land options, land development diligence, planning, utility contract negotiations, funding, construction and project management.

Posted on: 05/02/2013

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