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Rollits Art Award 2013

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Rollits Art Award 2013

Rollits is pleased to announcethat William Heath has been awarded this year's"Rollits Art Award 2013" at the School of Art and Design, HullCollege, for his painting 'Job Seekers'.

William is a promising painteron the Access Programme at Hull College School of Creative Art. Hisstyle and approach to his subjects has matured over the last fewyears and his latest work focuses on the experience of keeping hopeand ambition alive against a background of limited opportunity.This is summed up in the title of the painting, Jobseekers. Hishard work, combined with a high level of talent for instinctivepaint handling makes him a deserving winner of the Rollits ArtAward for 2013. He hopes to continue his development with anartist's residency in a local community where he can pursue his ownbrand of contemporary realism.

The standard of work at theCollege was again of such a high standard that four other students,Lizzy Hayes (Access Fine Art-now studying Fine ArtDegree-Edinburgh), Zoe Masterson (BA top up 3D DesignCrafts), Kyran Cressey (Level 3 Interactive Media) andSiobhan Ward (Access - Level 3 Foundation Diploma Art & Design)were also nominated as 'Highly Commended".

A sixth student, AlexSach, who is taking an Extended Diploma in Art and Design was givena "Special Recognition" Award which is aimed at the College'syounger students who may not be able to compete with the moremature artists … yet!

The School of Creative Arts -Art and Design is located at Park Street and it's excellent onsitefacilities include multimedia graphic design suites, purpose builtworkshops dedicated to 3D/spatial design, jewellery design andceramics. Specialist Art and Design facilities also include theindustry standard photographic studio with associated digitalediting suites, fine art studios, textile work rooms with state ofthe art equipment including computerised dobby looms and fashionand clothing studios/workshops.

This centre is complemented bythe Hull School of Art and Design building at the Queen's Gardenssite which provides progression routes into specialist study athigher education.

Pat Coyle, Client RelationsDirector at Rollits LLP said: "We have been working with TheSchool of Art and Design, Hull College on a variety of projects forseveral years and we are delighted to sponsor this award toshowcase the achievements of the art students at Park Street. We are always amazed at the calibre of their work when we lookaround at their end of year show and once again choosing theoverall winner was not easy.

"However there can only be onewinner and after hours of deliberation, we finally chose William'spainting 'Job Seekers'. "

Marguerite Mackley, Head ofSchool, School of Creative Arts - Art and Design, Hull Collegecommented: "We are delighted that William has won the Rollits ArtAward and his work has been recognised in this way. Working withemployers and on real projects is essential to the growth anddevelopment of our students in preparing them for their futurecareers. It is fantastic that Rollits continue to support the artsin this way."

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This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.
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