LG awarded interim injunction in patent battle with Sony

Korean electronics giant LG have been awarded an interim injunction by a court in the Netherlands against Sony, manufacturers of the Playstation 3 games console. The 10 day ban on all PS3s being imported into EU member states has been awarded in an ongoing dispute between the two giant corporations over the Blu-Ray film playback technology contained within the PS3 (and some Sony Bravia televisions), which LG alleges infringes its patents. The order of the Dutch court could also lead to seizures by customs officials of shipments of PS3s. It seems likely that the action has been taken in the Netherlands as Amsterdam`s Schipol airport is one of Sony`s main import/distribution point for its technologies into Europe.

Sony is thought likely to apply to the European patent office, seeking to have the injunction lifted. However, LG could equally make an application to have the duration of the ban extended. Retailers and customers will no doubt be awaiting the outcome with keen interest.

LG has previously applied to the US Trade Commission for an investigation into Sony`s use of the Blu-Ray technology and is also thought to be seeking an "exclusion order" to prohibit imports into the United States.

Sony have not commented to the press, except to say that they are "looking into" the matter.

This looks likely to be a long-running dispute, with the two companies locked in battle in around seven different patent disputes - including Sony seeking to ban the importation of LG`s smartphones into the USA.

Posted on: 04/03/2011

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