Legal Secretary Clocks Up 43 Years Service at Rollits

On 1 February 1971, Apollo 14 was winging its way to the moon, Britain was humming along to a new number one (George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord") whilst bracing itself for the introduction of a new decimal currency on 15 February 1971, and Barbara Williamson walked into the offices of Hull Solicitors, Rollit Farrell & Bladon to begin her career as a legal secretary with the firm. 

And now, more than 43 years later, Barbara has finally retired from Rollits after a career that has spanned the political careers of seven Prime Ministers. 

As the firm gathered together to say goodbye, Senior Partner Steve Trynka thanked Barbara for her wonderful service to the firm, and reminded her and her colleagues of the many changes, both within the firm and the legal profession as a whole which have taken place throughout her long career with Rollits. 

A tearful Barbara, who worked in the firm's Dispute Resolution Department said "I walked into the firm's offices in Bowlalley Lane in February 1971 wearing fashionable high heels; now that I favour sensible flat shoes, I decided it was probably time to retire!"

Steve Trynka comments "Throughout her time with us, Barbara  has represented everything that is good about our firm. She was excellent at her job, understood and gave effect to our clients' need for absolute confidentiality and throughout the years was liked and admired by all who worked with her."  

Rollits' Head of Dispute Resolution George Coyle, said "Barbara's 43 years of service makes my own 27 years seem short by comparison! It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with Barbara over the years.  We wish her a long and happy retirement and hope she visits us often as the office will not be the same without her". 

Posted on: 05/12/2014

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