Expert’s Immunity from Suit - Is the end in sight?

Experts around the county are eagerly awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court in Jones -v- Kaney. 

Experts currently enjoy immunity from suit in respect of any written and oral evidence. However, this may be about to change once the Supreme Court gives its decision. As yet no date has been given for the Judgment to be handed down but many believe that the Court will remove the immunity, following the approach previously taken by the Courts in removing a barrister's immunity from suit.

Following the decision in Jones -v- Kaney, Rollits will be holding a seminar for experts looking at how the decision may affect experts together with a review of the expert's role in Court proceedings. 

If you are interested in attending this seminar, please e-mail Pat Coyle on to receive further details when they are available.

Posted on: 02/03/2011

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