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A Moth For Amy

Rollits is backing a major public art project to celebrate thelife of pioneering aviator Amy Johnson, and had a sneak preview ofthe giant Moth sculptures before artists get to work on them.

Ralph Gilbert and Pat Coyle had their first glimpse of theunpainted Moths when they attended thelaunch of major public art projectpaying tribute to aviation heroine Amy Johnson at Hull History Centre to markthe official launch of the "A Moth for Amy" project.

More than 45 businesses from across the region have alreadypledged their support to A Moth for Amy, a mass engagement publicart project based on the concept of the hugely successful Larkinwith Toads initiative.

Giant moth sculptures, created by local sculptor, SaffronWaghorn, are set to be painted by artists in designs of thesupporting businesses' choice and will then be placed at locationsacross Hull, East Yorkshire and beyond - many of significance toAmy Johnson's story.

Amy Johnson CBE was one of the most influential andinspirational women of the twentieth century. She was the firstwoman to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930 and set astring of other records throughout her career.

The launch on April 1 gives the first 45 businesses who havepledged their support a chance to see the moth sculptures they havesponsored for the first time before they are painted by a range ofartists and community groups.

Pat Coyle, Marketing & Client Relations Director said: "Asour 175th birthday approaches we are very excited that we will haveour very own 'Moth' on Citadel House this summer, which will bevisible to all the traffic leaving the city down Liberty Lane."

The Moth for Amy project is part of a wider cultural festival,using Amy's legacy to create an exciting programme from Julythrough to September based on art, science and engineering.

Amy Johnson Festival director Rick Welton said: "We're delightedto be able to unveil the moths to those who have already showntheir support for this wonderful project.

"It is fantastic to see the positive response from the region'sbusiness community, as well as from health, education and socialgroups, who have already sponsored a moth.

"The popularity of the Larkin with Toads project is a greatindicator of how well-received major art schemes are in Hull, so weencourage those businesses and organisations who still want topledge their support to come on board while there is stilltime."

The festival team has also linked up with Artlink, based inPrinces Avenue, to create community moths based on a design createdby local community groups. In collaboration with certain businessesand organisations, groups will work with an artist to create thedesign which will then be painted onto their Moth for Amy.

The moths will appear on the streets in July.

Project Manager, Clare Huby, added: "There is a wonderful rangeof designs, all inspired by Amy and the festival themes. Many ofthe artists are locally based but we have also had beautifuldesigns from across the UK and from as far away as Australia, USAand India!

"This festival not only shows how important Amy Johnson's legacyis in Hull, but it also showcases the huge amount of talent thereis in the region from Saffron, our sculptor, through to the artistswe have working on the moths. This is fantastic recognition of thelegacy Amy created on an international scale."

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This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.
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