“Mediation is a cost and time effective way for parents to resolve their differences without going to Court.”

Holly Ackroyd

As part of our support for Good Divorce Week, today we look at mediation as a way to help parents. At any point during the separation process and beyond, parents may need help in reaching an agreement about the arrangements for their children. Mediation may be one option for you to consider. Mediators act impartially i.e. they don not take sides and they help parents have discussions together to reach agreements about their children. Mediators don’t give legal advice but you can take legal advice along side mediation if you wish. Mediation meetings are without prejudice which means you cannot rely on what was said at mediation in court if the arrangements break down. This allows a level of comfort for parents to be able to explore all options for children.

The mediation process can also involve children - called child inclusive mediation. This involves the mediator talking with your children, if it is agreed it is appropriate and if the children want too. It is often helpful for children to know that they have an avenue away from parents and family to be able to express their views, wishes and feelings. It is explained to children that their parents will make the decisions but it can be positive for them to have this platform.

Legal aid is available in some circumstances for mediation which means for some it can be free of charge. There is also a current government initiative providing £500 to parents towards the costs of mediation. All our lawyers at Rollits are experienced mediators and are accredited to see children. Our legal assistant and mediation administrator Holly Ackroyd says “Mediation is a cost and time effective way for parents to resolve their differences without going to Court. It can deal in detail all the things parents need to resolve which are particular to their family’s circumstances to allow life to run more smoothly which other processes may not.”

To find out more about our mediation service and to obtain a referral form please contact Holly on 01482337297 or holly.ackroyd@rollits.com.

Posted on: 01/12/2021

This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.

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