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The Big Interview – Caroline Hardcastle

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The Big Interview – Caroline Hardcastle

Our Vision: Hull Is This chats to Caroline Hardcastle about how Rollits is dedicated to supporting the local education sector

Caroline Hardcastle is a Partner in Dispute Resolution and has been with Rollits since 1999. She also heads up the firm's Education team and has seen multiple changes over the years, reflecting the partnership's constant adaptation in line with new laws and ways of working.

"I completed my training contract and qualified in London," says Caroline, "but like many people I soon came back to the North and now live between Hull and York. I wanted to work with Rollits due to it being a highly respected firm and have now been here for 22 years."

Heading up the Education team, Caroline tells us that Rollits works with many schools, multi academy trusts and colleges around the UK. From city-based institutions to rural colleges, there's no limit to the team's expertise when it comes to supporting educational organisations with their legal affairs and governance.

"Over the years we've become heavily involved in helping schools and academies to form multi-academy trusts, especially throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region," says Caroline. "Rollits has also supported the Hull Learning Partnership, which is dedicated to improving achievement, promoting inclusion, enhancing teacher recruitment, and raising the profile of education in the city."

This commitment to enabling positive change is at the heart of the Rollits ethos, as the firm has been ingrained in the region's educational, cultural and economic development for generations.

"We regularly sponsor Run With It, which is a Hull-based charity that delivers innovative and challenging learning programmes for children, young people and adult learners. The organisation raises levels of literacy and numeracy by using the MKM Stadium as a classroom, integrating physical activity and mental wellbeing into the lessons."

Other activity that benefits the local education sector includes Rollits purchasing tickets for Christmas shows at Hull Truck Theatre, which are donated to Hull Children's University and given to underprivileged children who may otherwise not get the chance to experience live theatre during this magical time of year.

"Many of our solicitors and team members visit schools and colleges to deliver mock interviews and offer tips for writing a powerful CV," adds Caroline. "We also sponsor awards for academic excellence, as it's crucial that young people are given the recognition they deserve for achieving goals and reaching key milestones in their learning journey."

To top it all off, the Rollits offices have displayed eye-catching pieces created by art students, simultaneously adding extra life to their communal areas and showcasing local talent to visitors.

"The last year has taught everyone at Rollits to use technology to maximum potential," says Caroline. " It was imperative that we adapt in response to the growing need for online meetings.

"This has added even further to our flexible way of working, as we can meet with school and college leaders virtually to offer expert advice and guidance. It also means that we can help students to become confident in using video conferencing tools for remote interviews, which many businesses are adopting as hybrid working increases in popularity."

This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.

This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.
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