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The Big Interview: Alistair O’Sullivan of Diony

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The Big Interview: Alistair O’Sullivan of Diony

Our Vision: Hull Is This chats to Alistair O'Sullivan from digital marketing agency Diony about how they are helping Rollits to remain digitally agile

Diony has been working with Rollits for the last 18 months, ensuring that the firm remains at the forefront of the legal sector during these changing times. With the pandemic resulting in people searching for information online more than ever, Alistair and his team at Diony have designed and implemented a variety of performance-led digital campaigns for Rollits that make the user journey and client acquisition much smoother.

"We love working with Rollits because they're always open to new ways of doing things," says Alistair. "It's very refreshing to be given the opportunity to experiment with different marketing techniques and determine which work best. This has included everything from social media and video content to Google advertising, search engine optimisation and printed materials."

Diony has played a crucial role in helping Rollits to celebrate its 180th anniversary, an occasion that inspired the law firm to both remember the past and plan ahead for the future.

"Marketing is ten times more measurable than it used to be," explains Alistair. "The Director of Marketing and Client Relations at Rollits, Pat Coyle, has embraced our many ideas and our work is helping to further build their service divisions. They're keen to work collaboratively, which has allowed Diony to really get to know the firm, its people, and how they bring practical solutions to all kinds of legal issues."

As members of the York Chamber of Commerce, this working relationship began when Alistair was introduced to Andrew Digwood, a Partner at Rollits. Realisation that the two businesses were located very close to each other in the High Street in Hull, discussions soon took place to determine how the two businesses could work together to make Rollits more agile and responsive in an increasingly digital world.

"The opportunity to work with Rollits on their '2020 Vison' campaign came at the beginning of 2020 and an online advertising campaign started soon after," says Alistair. "But Coronavirus and the first lockdown in particular called for a strategic way to get Rollits' services in front of those who needed them right there and then."

When a particular topic becomes popular, such as the need for employment advice in response to furlough, Rollits needs to be accessible to anyone in search of expert advice and support. The data-driven online campaigns enable this by focusing on seasonal and situational trends, allowing lawyers to offer guidance to individuals and businesses right away.

"Working with Rollits is never dull," says Alistair. "They understand that marketing has to remain forward-thinking and fluid, which is exactly what we offer. The Diony team has even delivered some workshops for their solicitors, as changes in digital tools such as social media can be very difficult to keep up with. It's a fantastic partnership and one that we truly value."

This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.

This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.
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