Rollits organise "Food Open Day" at renewable energy plant

Rollits Food Group recently held a Food Open Day at GWE Biogas`s new, state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion plant at Kirkburn near Driffield, East Yorkshire. 

The site, which began operating in March, is one of the newest and largest in the UK and takes organic waste, primarily from retailers and manufacturers, and converts it into a methane rich biogas which is used to generate 2MW of renewable electricity. The site is exceptional in that it can separate packaging from wrapped products, thereby diverting significant volumes of waste from landfill and helping industry meet its diversion targets. The remaining material after digestion is a nutrient rich bio fertiliser which is used on neighbouring farmland to replace manufactured fertilisers. 

Before touring the site, Tom Megginson of GWE Biogas explained the workings of the facility to a group of specially invited guests from some of the region`s leading food companies. He said with a laugh "Everything you see is what happens inside a cow."

"We`ve worked hard over the past few years to get everybody from the food industry to see our plants and Rollits have done that today."

Julian Wild, partner at Rollits and head of Rollits` Food Group, said: "This is a very exciting project and a great business, which is very relevant to the food industry. The whole issue of handling food waste is vital to all food companies.

"Rollits have a strong renewables team and we were delighted to be engaged to do the legal work on this complex project, led by Rollits` Planning & Development Partner, John Downing. The Open Day has also given us a chance to introduce some of our food clients and contacts to the GWE plant."

Posted on: 27/09/2011

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