No physical Employment Tribunal hearings from Monday

The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland have confirmed that from Monday (23 March 2020) no physical employment tribunal hearings will take place. Hearings where parties are expected to be in attendance at a tribunal centre (“in person hearings”) will be converted to a case management hearing which will take place by telephone (or other electronic means) on the first day allocated for the hearing.

If a case is set for more than one day, parties have been advised to proceed on the basis that the remainder of the days fixed for the hearing have been cancelled. It is hoped that remote hearings will alleviate the concerns about travel and reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus to claimants, respondents and their representatives.

Posted on: 19/03/2020

This article is for general guidance only. It provides useful information in a concise form. Action should not be taken without obtaining specific legal advice.

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