More Court Fee increases

On 22 July 2016, The Civil Proceedings, First-tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and Employment Tribunals Fees (Amendment) Order 2016 was made.  This has unfortunately resulted in the implementation of more Court Fee increases, all of which came into force on 25 July 2016.

Full details of the increases can be found in the Court's document: EX50A.  However, the most significant change in terms of property dispute resolution is the complete over-haul of the fee structure of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber).  This new structure is set-out in a Schedule in EX50A, but it should now be noted that the issue fee for such proceedings will be £100 going forward and the hearing fee, £200.

Some other key fee changes in regard to property dispute resolution are set out below:

Recovery of land: issue fees:

High Court - £480

County Court - £355

County Court (online) - £325


Claim for a non-monetary remedy:

High Court - £528

County Court - £308


High Court Enforcement:

Sealing a writ of control/possession/delivery - £66

Application for Charging Order - £110


County Court Enforcement:

Application for Charging Order - £110

Issue of a warrant of possession - £121    

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Posted on: 04/08/2016

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