Happy New Year - did you have a good Christmas?

Happy New Year - did you have a good Christmas? It’s so easy to respond when your home life is ok but what do you say if the festive period was a bit tough?

The pressure before - spending more than you can afford - the stress of the day - excited children - up at the crack of dawn so limited sleep for everyone - then dealing with disappointed children when presents have not lived up to expectations. In laws and other extended family constantly needing to be fed and watered - your home can suddenly feel a very small and lonely place.

You keep telling yourself that it’s just exhaustion - perhaps it wasn’t that bad; perhaps you have lost perspective; perhaps you should just knuckle down and keep going - but what if you can’t - what if that final straw has finally broken.

Unravelling a long term relationship or marriage is never easy but you can aim to make the process as non-confrontational as possible.   It is possible to separate and divorce in a way that has a sense of dignity.

At a time of crisis you need a lawyer who listens, a lawyer who explains things clearly, a lawyer who you trust will give you best advice and help you find a way forward.

Partner and head of Rollits’ Family team, Sheridan Ball has more than 25 years experience as a specialist Family solicitor and is one of the top rated family lawyers in Hull - her direct line is 01482 337361 or email her at sheridan.ball@rollits.com.

Posted on: 03/01/2019

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