FMCA Status for Mediators

Caroline Dinenage MP - The Parliamentary under Secretary for Family Justice wrote to all Family Mediators last week to reaffirm the Government's support of all forms of out of Court settlement for family disputes.  She also congratulated the Family Mediation Council in their effort to put in place professional standards for Family Mediators. 

Clients can now identify the qualification and accreditation status of all Family Mediations.  Family Mediators are being encouraged to register with the Family Mediation Council - fully qualified and accredited Mediators can now refer to their FMCA status - which means that they are able to assess and carry out publically funded mediations in addition to private mediation work. 

Anyone who is undertaking training to achieve accreditation status can also be identified as can those mediators who as yet have not embarked on any accreditation process.  Clients can check their Mediator's status by using the  FMC Find a Mediator website.  

All of Rollits' Mediators have FMCA status - they are also Resolution accredited Collaborative Practitioners - they are therefore able to offer Clients the choice of all the differing ways to resolve family disputes. 

How you choose to resolve issues with your former partner can have long term impact on your future life - it is rare to be able to walk away from a marriage or long term relationship and no longer have the need to have any contact going forwards, particularly if you have children. 

When emotions are high communication is difficult and often the last thing you want to do is sit together and work out a way forward but for a multitude of reasons this may be the best thing for you and your family.  Mediation and Collaboration are not about reconciliation - they are about finding a way to separate with dignity. 

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Posted on: 14/03/2016

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