Changes to Permitted Developments Rights for Agricultural Buildings

Changes to Permitted Development Rights in relation to agricultural buildings came into effect on 6 April 2018.

The changes allow for an increase in the size of new agricultural buildings from a maximum of 465 Square metres to a maximum of 1000 square metres in order to aid farming practices. Moreover, the amended development right also permits the conversion of agricultural buildings to residential dwellings.

Specifically, the new rules allow for up to 3 homes of up to 465 square metres each, 5 homes of up to 100 square metres each or a mix of both with a maximum of 5 units with maximum of 3 larger homes to be created from existing buildings on agricultural land.

Ultimately, the aim of the new changes is to efficiently increase the number homes created and to meet local housing needs in rural areas.

Posted on: 29/05/2018

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