Bereavement Leave

The issue of bereavement leave has been very much in the news of late.

There is currently no statutory entitlement to bereavement leave.  Bereavement leave is usually dictated by a short reference to entitlement in a policy or procedure or is at the gift of the employer usually a day off to attend a funeral and a couple of days to deal with the death of a dependant supplemented by either a sick note or the bereaved employee's annual holiday entitlement.

It is recognised that two or three days may be insufficient although, a proposal for new legislation embodying a statutory right to bereavement leave will no longer progress and will instead be replaced by new guidance prepared by ACAS.  The guidance is expected to be published by summer 2014 and will, it is anticipated, promote a flexible approach by employers towards this highly emotive subject. 

Posted on: 16/05/2014

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