We regularly undertake workplace training for managers. We have detailed below some of the most popular.

  1. Equality Act Training
    • An understanding of the key protected characteristics including:
      • sex;
      • age;
      • race;
      • disability.
    • Discrimination issues that could arise during the recruitment process.
    • Different types of discrimination (direct, indirect, harassment and victimisation).
    • Specific focus on harassment in the workplace.
    • Employer’s vicarious liability.
    • Employee’s personal liability.
    • Reasonable steps which are necessary to be able to defend a discrimination claim.
  2. Dealing with Disciplinary Issues and Grievances:
    • who are the appropriate people to conduct the disciplinary process;
    • how to conduct a disciplinary investigation and disciplinary hearing;
    • the role of the employee’s representative;
    • applying a disciplinary sanction;
    • the appeal process;
    • Confidentiality;
    • how to deal with a grievance complaint;
    • who should conduct grievance hearings; and
    • how to manage the outcome of a grievance complaint.
  3. Performance Management and Long Term Sickness Absence:
    • the importance of the probationary period;
    • implementing and maintain appraisal procedures;
    • managing poor performing employees;
    • capability procedures to follow in the event of poor performance;
    • managing short and long term sickness;
    • obtaining medical evidence;
    • capability procedures to follow in the event of long term sickness absence; and
    • disability discrimination arising out of long term sick issues.
  4. TUPE Training
    • Recognising a TUPE transfer
    • Business Transfers
    • Service Provision Changes
    • Organised Groupings of workers
    • Disputing a TUPE transfer
    • Measures

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