Rollits LLP is an established law firm in Hull and York with a team of experienced specialist employment solicitors who provide employment law advice on all aspects of employment law including claims in the employment tribunal. The most common claim is a claim of unfair dismissal. If an employee has a minimum of 2 consecutive years’ employment they have the right not to be unfairly dismissed by their employer.

If an employee has less than 2 years’ service it may be possible for the employee to  bring a claim for automatic unfair dismissal if the employee could  demonstrate a that their dismissal was for a reason which is protected by employment law. Examples include:

  • Discrimination on specific grounds e.g. sex or race
  • making a protected disclosure (Whistleblowing).
  • asserting a statutory right e.g. right to NMW.
  • Related to status as a part-time or fixed term worker
  • Trade union activity

An employer must ensure that it does not fall foul of Employment Legislation as it could lead to a significant claim.

If an employment tribunal finds that the dismissal is unfair, it can order the employer to re-engage or reinstate the employee or more commonly pay the employee compensation.

Our team of employment specialists regularly assists employers and employees in advising on the prospects of any claim, submission of a claim form or defence and all aspects of  preparation of the matter for a Tribunal hearing including representation in an Employment Tribunal.

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