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At Rollits, our team has a wealth of experience in creating, administering and terminating trusts. So whether you are setting up a trust, or you are a trustee who needs to understand your obligations, or a beneficiary who needs to know your rights, we can help.

Whatever the structure of your trust, Rollits' experienced team can advise you on all relevant issues to make sure your trust always performs at its best.

Trusts provide a great, tax-efficient way for you and your family to preserve your assets.

Experience and expertise

The team at Rollits ensures every detail is looked after. We can advise on inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax issues that may arise, ensuring that trustees are fully prepared in their duties. We can also help beneficiaries to make the most tax-efficient choices in dealing with their entitlements.

Our specialist lawyers can assist with the complex requirements of managing a trust to make sure that your income and assets are where they should be and that payments are made when needed.

Our dedicated trust administrator can work on your behalf, preparing annual accounts, completing tax returns and providing full taxation information to the beneficiaries to ensure that tax compliance and trust law obligations are met.

Contentious Trust and Probate Law

We have expertise and experience in advising on disputes surrounding the circumstances in which Trusts were made, or perhaps changed, including reviewing the advice and involvement of other solicitors, and helping clients to understand whether and how a disputed Trust may be capable of being challenged.

We work with Trustees and Beneficiaries in disputes over the proper exercise of a Trustee’s powers and responsibilities and in all our contentious work in this field we always strive to keep in mind the proportionality of costs involved and to give the most pragmatic and clear advice to enable clients to pursue the course of action that will deliver the most appropriate outcomes.


  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Accumulation and Maintenance Trusts and the Finance Act 2006
  • Life Interest Trusts
  • Will Trusts
  • Pension and Life Assurance Trusts
  • Asset Preservation Trusts
  • Disabled Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Personal Injury Trusts
  • Strict Settlements
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