Rollits LLP is an established law firm with offices in Hull and York. At Rollits we have a team of experienced specialist employment solicitors who provide employment law advice on all aspects of employment law including in respect of grievances. 

When an employer receives a grievance this can be stressful for both the employer and employee. We regularly advise employers in circumstances where they have received a grievance from an employee dealing with issues such as workplace fallouts and harassment. We advise employers on the correct process to follow and assist with drafting all necessary correspondence and outcome letters and provide guidance through the investigation process and any appeal. 

We also provide assistance to employees who are experiencing work place issues and are hoping to resolve the matter internally. We assist with the preparation of a formal written grievance and any subsequent appeal stage depending on the outcome of the investigation undertaken by the employer. 

We can also draft grievance procedures for staff handbooks and provide management training on how to deal with grievances. 

A failure to deal appropriately with a grievance raised by an employee can result in a number of different claims depending on what the grievance is about but could include constructive unfair dismissal, claims under the Equality Act 2010 and unlawful deductions from wages. Grievances can also lead to an employment relationship being irreparable which can lead to the preparation of a settlement agreement. We advise employers and employees on settlement agreements.

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