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Zaneta Andraszczyk

Zaneta is a first year trainee at Rollits. Her current seat is in the Private Capital department.

March 2021: My first week at Rollits consisted of inductions on how to use the system and familiarizing myself with the company handbook. Despite the current lockdown restrictions, my induction week has been very organised and I was able to communicate with a lot of my colleagues via zoom calls. Everyone has made the effort to make me feel welcome whether it be an introductory email or phone call which I appreciated.  

It is now week four in the Private Capital department and I am feeling a lot more settled into my job role. I feel a lot more familiar with the system which makes the overall work less stressful and I am becoming more efficient with my tasks due to this. This month I have had the opportunity to practice my drafting and research skills as well as the opportunity to draft two different kind of wills. These were both a Spousal will (when the residue estate passes to the spouse upon the first death) and also a children’s will (when the residue estate goes to the children). I found this task very interesting as no will is ever the same due to how circumstances vary on a client by client basis. 

I also completed extensive research in order to advise a client on the consequences of Capital Gains Tax when selling a gifted estate. This was a useful exercise as it allowed me to familiarise myself on the law in relation to Capital Gains Tax and the different reliefs available. 

In addition to this I also drafted an application to register a Lasting Power of Attorney for financial decisions, as well as health and care decisions. Once the forms were drafted, I sent these to The Office of the Public Guardian for registration.  

This week I also joined in on the Easter event organised by the firm. This consisted of bingo and a raffle; I won a huge hamper in the raffle which was very exciting and the chocolate has gone down a treat! 

I am really enjoying my time in the Private Capital department and I look forward to gaining more skills with weeks to come.  


My journey to becoming a Trainee Solicitor at Rollits LLP:

My interest in law first sparked following college, when I was at a cross roads not knowing what course to study at the university.  As I was researching potential careers and courses to pursue I kept finding myself gravitating towards searching into legal career.

This led me to studying a Law degree at The University of Hull.  I thrived in the different challenges that I faced whilst studying law.  After graduation I then started the Legal Practice Course with a Masters at the University of Law in Leeds. Throughout my studies I completed various different work experiences in Law including the Vacation Scheme at Rollits LLP in June 2018.  Following the Vacation Scheme I immediately looked into applying for a training contract at Rollits LLP as I knew it was a team that I wanted to be a part of for longer than just the two weeks.

I am now a Trainee Solicitor at Rollits LLP and I am very much looking forward to seeing what’s to come.


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