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Nilu Love

Nilu is a second year trainee at Rollits in Hull. Her current seat is in the Property department.

January 2019 - This month I have been involved with some Planning matters. I have had the opportunity to attend various meetings with clients and developers which I have found interesting. In addition, I have been involved in replies to various enquiries and considering and addressing important questions in relation to easements and potential breaches of restrictive covenants. This has given me the opportunity to be involved in some of the planning and developments work, allowing me to experience a new aspect of the property law undertaken at our firm.

I have been further involved with more complex commercial property matters, in particular transfers of whole and part, leaseholds, landlord and tenants. I have also managed to file and return SDLT forms for freeholds subject to multiple leaseholds. This has meant that I have been involved in different areas of property law which I had not previously experienced and enabled me to also gain more independence in running various matters.

Overall, January has been another great month with the fantastic property team at my firm. I feel that I have grown to become more independent within the department and overall as a lawyer.

February is going to be my last month within the Commercial Property team and although I am going to miss working with a great bunch of people, I am excited to finish off some of the ongoing matters I am currently involved with and look forward to what the future holds!

December 2018 - December has been another great and busy month for everyone here at the Commercial Property department.

As well as being involved with various commercial property matters, this month I attended various networking and social events during the festive season. I, along with everyone else at the firm, also attended the Rollits’ annual conference at Hull Truck Theatre which was a celebration of what we have all achieved as a firm during the last year and also looking to the year ahead with some exciting plans. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and it made me feel proud to be part of such a fantastic firm, where individuals are celebrated for their hard work and commitment but also teamwork and integrity are highlighted as key factors in achieving further success throughout the firm.

This month I have also worked more independently in progressing various matters forward and completed the property side of a multi-million pounds corporate transaction. I am further involved in the sale and development of a substantial piece of land where the transaction is at its early stages.  I have also dealt with various leases and transfers of parts, within a large scale re-organisation for one of our major clients.

I have also had the opportunity to draft various reports on title, contracts and transfers of whole and part independently under the direct supervision of various partners.

Overall, December has been a great month and I look forward to the year ahead with excitement!

November 2018 - The end of this month marks the end of the first half of my seat in the Commercial Property department. November has been yet another very busy month in this department.

As well as the increase in my workload, my responsibilities have also grown by way of progressing more matter independently. Despite this, my work is supervised by the partners responsible for each matter and everyone in the department is always approachable in terms of answering my questions and suggesting tips and advice. This month I had the opportunity to exchange and complete on a number of different matters which is always satisfying to see a matter you had been involved with successfully complete.

I also attended the University of Hull Law Convention, which was a great experience as I met a number of law students interested in a career in law and I got to share my journey as well as the amazing opportunities we offer at Rollits by way of work experience and the Period of Recognised Training.

Towards the end of this month, I took a week off to go to Disneyland in Paris. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and it was nice to be away from the office for a week.

I am really excited for December and all the festivities this month is going to bring!

October 2018 - October has been a very busy month in the Commercial Property department, with many property transactions running concurrently. This month I have had the opportunity to be involved in further corporate property matters, working as part of a team and being involved in the exchange and completion of an important transaction.

Since this has been my second month in the department, I have felt a lot more settled in and have been given a number of matters to run and oversee their progress independently. To name a few examples, this involves liaising with both our clients and lawyers acting on the other side of each transaction, HM Land Registry and the lenders as well as drafting various documents such a contract of sale, different Transfers of whole and part, reports on title, licence to assign and filing SDLT returns.

At the beginning of this month, I attended the Hull Law Society Ball, celebrating their 200th anniversary, on behalf of the firm along with a number of other colleagues. This was a nice event and it was great to be able to socialise with my colleagues outside of work. I have also had the opportunity to attend further networking events this month, where I met and formed relationships with other young professionals within the city which I will hopefully be able to build up on.

Overall, October has been a busy but great month and I am excited to see what November brings!

September 2018 - My first month in the Commercial Property department has flown by!

Everyone in this department has made me feel welcomed and have been so approachable in answering my questions! This month, I have already had the opportunity to be involved with so many different matters, such as first registrations, SDLT Group reliefs, Assenting and reconstitution of title, various Transfers of whole and part, register and removal of charges and notices as well as two completions.

I am also assisting on the property aspects of various corporate matters, which is always interesting, given I have just finished my last seat in the Corporate and Commercial department and I feel the knowledge and experience of my last seat is going to assist me in understanding the property side of corporate matters. I have also attended various client meetings and telephone conferences which I always find helpful as they provide me with more context and insight into each matter.

Overall this has been a busy month and I feel I have already learnt so much from everyone within this team and I am excited to get involved in more complex commercial property matters.

August 2018 - The end of this month marks the end of my seat at Corporate and Commercial department, but also the end of my first year as a trainee solicitor at Rollits.

During this last year, not only have I thoroughly enjoyed working at Rollits, but I have also gained an enormous amount of experience and insight into what life could be like as a solicitor.

During my last month at the Corporate and Commercial department, I was entrusted with further work across all three areas of law, being corporate, commercial and employment, and also worked towards completing some of the matters that I had been involved with. I had the opportunity to draft further corporate documents, as well as reviewing and commenting on documents drafted by different firms.

To name a few examples, within the corporate side of my seat, this month I have further gained experience in dealing with LLPs, drafting various SPAs and Loan agreements, understanding different pension schemes within the context of a corporate transaction, dealt with intercompany asset transfers and substantial property transactions, learnt about placing and releasing charges on yachts, dealt with companies in the BVI as well as being involved in a highly contentious sale transaction. I have also gained experience in understanding issues surrounding past consideration, third party mortgages and vendor due diligence.

On the employment side, I have undertaken work in relation to the redundancy procedure, returning to work following maternity leave, responding to flexible working requests and the transfer of pensions under TUPE and on the commercial side, I assisted in drafting a shared expenses agreement and undertook research in relation to requesting financial information based on the FOIA.

I have really enjoyed the last six months of my training contract and I am so grateful for everyone’s support and help on the third floor in further developing my legal knowledge and skills.

July 2018 -  I cannot believe another month in the Corporate and Commercial department has passed!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time this month as I have had the opportunity to work more independently on different acquisitions from inception to completion. I have also had the chance to draft a variety of documents, such as a guarantee agreement, a Charge over shares and various financial loan documents along with share purchase agreements and the ancillary documents.

This month, I also attended due diligence and disclosure meetings in relation to a business sale which they both helped in enhancing my understanding of the sale process from its early stages as due diligence and disclosures play integral parts in a sale transaction.

The main focus of my work this month has been on corporate transactions however, I have also had the opportunity to draft a contractual service agreement and data subject request forms on the commercial side of my seat.

Towards the end of this month I attended my financial and business skills PSC course in Leeds, which provided me with an understanding of various investment options and financial regulations as well as grasping the anti Money Laundering Regulations.

Overall, July has been a busy month for me and I look forward to progressing the corporate transactions that I am currently involved with.

June 2018 - This month has been another busy one for the Corporate and Commercial department.

I have had the opportunity to be involved in the completion of a business purchase, acting for the buyer, and drafted various documents as well as liaising with different parties and ensuring we were in receipt of the correct documents. This was a particularly interesting transaction with non-simultaneous exchange and completion. I really enjoyed this experience as it has further enhanced my understanding of the corporate transactions and their differences. I am further involved in different acquisition and sale projects, running concurrently and reaching different stages. I have also had the opportunity to draft Share Purchase Agreements, and in particular have learnt about the debt free, cash free arrangement.

This month I have also had the chance to take a holiday, relaxing in the sunshine for a week.

At Rollits, we welcomed the first cohort of students for our summer vacation placement scheme and it has been great to have the opportunity to learn about each one of them and to share my experience as a trainee at Rollits.

May 2018 - May has been a busy month for me at the Corporate and Commercial department.

As well as helping in drafting further Privacy Policy documents with the Commercial team, this month I was able to get more heavily involved in some corporate matters, one of which involved the re-organisation of shares within a UK based Company with foreign links and shareholders. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as I had the opportunity to draft all the relevant documents such as the ancillary documents for the various Companies involved, incorporated a new Company to transfer some shares and shareholders to and also drafted a Share for Share Exchange Agreement. I also had to complete and file the relevant forms at the Companies House. This opportunity has given me a greater insight into corporate transactions and has helped me to further enhance my drafting skills and understanding of this area.

Furthermore, I have been involved in drafting a facility agreement where various entities are involved and have learnt to appreciate the nature and complexity of some of these agreements.

As I am now half way through my second seat, on reflection, I am really enjoying my time in this department and look forward to exploring and learning more about the corporate side of my seat as this is an area of law I am keen to explore and to gain further invaluable experience in.

April 2018 - This has been an interesting month of varied work and has passed so quickly.

Over the course of this month I have had the opportunity to be involved in more corporate and commercial matters. I have helped drafting various Privacy and Data Protection Policies as well as attending client meetings with the Commercial team to review various policies and procedures in light of the new GDPR requirements.

On the corporate side, I have drafted further ancillary documents on a matter where a different class of shares had to be created and distributed to new shareholders and the Articles of Association had to be re-drafted. I have also had the opportunity to review and comment on a Shareholders Agreement where this was drafted by another firm. I also carried out the completion searches on a corporate transaction.

In addition, I have also worked on some Employment Tribunal matters with the employment team and have reviewed and researched various points of law as well as advising on some immigration matters.

March 2018 - My first month at the Company Commercial department has flown by! Everyone at my new department has welcomed me warmly and I have already been given a variety of work from drafting different Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions, to a range of ancillary documents for corporate transactions and attending meetings with clients. I have assisted in ensuring various statements and policies are in line with the GDPR due to come into effect on 25 May and have had the opportunity to draft a Deed of retirement from a Partnership and further assist on the corporate side of a property transaction. In addition, I managed to incorporate a subsidiary company and have undertaken a number of company searches.

Overall, my first month at the Company Commercial department has been very productive and I look forward to getting involved with more corporate transactions and various other works.

February 2018: This has been my last month in the Dispute Resolution department.  Although I am sad to be leaving an exciting department, with a fantastic group of people behind, I am also grateful to everyone at DR for teaching me so much and for welcoming me to Rollits so warmly.  Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed my time at DR, but I also have developed greatly as a trainee solicitor and have gained an insight into working in Dispute Resolution on a day to day basis. I have witnessed and was involved with some matters from their inception to closure, whereas I am also leaving with some matters still ongoing.

During these first six months, I was exposed to and experienced a great deal of work, from appearing before a Legal Advisor to drafting numerous letters and emails to various parties and clients.

Everyone has been approachable, supportive and great to work with.  At times, I found some tasks challenging but rewarding and I was never left to feel alone or unsupported.

I am looking forward to spending the next six months of my training at the Company and Commercial department and getting to know the members of my new team!

January 2018 - January seems to have flown by! This month I attended an Advocacy and Communication Skills Course at Leeds as part of my Period of Recognised Training which took place over the period of three days. After learning about different aspects of advocacy and identifying and addressing the key issues within a case, on the third day, I was given the opportunity to make a mock interim application in front of a District Judge and learned how to carry out Examination-in-Chief and Cross-Examination of witnesses. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and learnt some invaluable skills on how to improve my advocacy and communication skills.

As the weeks and months have rolled by, I have further enhanced my legal skills and feel I have a much better grasp of litigation and its different stages.  This month I attended a re-possession hearing and observed my supervisor addressing the District Judge’s concerns and questions in relation to the validity of the service on persons unknown.  I have also attended further client meetings and drafted various documents, letters and emails of correspondence to clients and other solicitors.  Every day is different at this department and I have thoroughly enjoyed the varied and contentious nature of the work.

I look forward to spending another productive month at Dispute Resolution before the end of my first seat!

December 2017 - December has been an exciting month, with Christmas festivities, office decorations, the inevitable Christmas jumper day, Christmas Parties and so on. It has certainly been a fun month to be working at Dispute Resolution as they have their own Christmas ‘traditions’ every Friday during the month of December. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first Christmas at Rollits.

However, I have also been working hard, with growing responsibility and dealing with more matters.  I have started to get a taste of what being a newly qualified solicitor at Dispute Resolution could be like. The supervision does not cease to exist, even as a qualified solicitor, which is reassuring to know that there is always someone more senior around to support and assist you.

This month, I also attended one of my PSC electives, ‘Civil Litigation Overview’.  This one day course gave me more of an insight into the Civil Procedure Rules, as well as a more rounded overview of the different stages within civil litigation and all the different types of interim applications 

Furthermore, with Christina’s departure from the firm, I was assigned to a different mentor within the department, Jennifer Sewell, who has already been really supportive.

I look forward to having some time off work and starting the New Year in January, when I suspect DR will be very busy!

November 2017 - My third month in Dispute Resolution has gone really fast. This month I had the opportunity to be involved with some Family matters and the highlight of my training so far has to be when I was asked by the Head of the Department, Sheridan Ball, to attend the Hull Family Court by myself and to represent our Client during a FHDRA Directions Hearing. I initially didn’t feel equipped enough to attend by myself, however as I undertook further research on the area and after having several extremely helpful conversations with Sheridan I felt confident and prepared enough to attend the Hearing. I was later told that I managed the Hearing well, given the fact we had not received some of the appropriate paperwork by another Organisation involved in the proceedings. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as it really helped my advocacy skills and gave me a brief insight into some of the Family matters.

This month I have also had the chance to be further involved in more matters and have attended more telephone conferences and have been responsible to correspond with the clients and various other parties and to update the respective parties on each case. I am looking forward to attending a Civil Litigation Overview course in December as one of my PSC electives. I am keen to learn more about the litigation process and to further enhance my drafting skills in litigious matters.

At the end of this month we also said goodbye to Christina, my mentor, as she pursues her legal career elsewhere. She will be greatly missed but I’m sure my new mentor will be just as friendly and approachable, as well as everyone else within the DR team.

October 2017 - Throughout this month I have begun to become more involved in some high profile cases. I feel extremely privileged to learn from some of the best lawyers in their fields, and so far have learnt some invaluable lessons within the world of Dispute Resolution. I have been trusted with many tasks, this including, drafting various letters to clients, Instructions to Counsel, researching several points of Law and also being able to attend some client meetings.  I am becoming more familiar with the procedures and practices of the department and have started to grasp some of the key elements within this area of Law, such as Limitation and Pre-Action Protocols.

I really enjoy the diverse nature of my work as it covers many different areas of Law. A dispute may arise between partners within a partnership or between property developers and their architects. This has enabled me to learn about different aspects of each area of Law concerned and has hugely broadened my general legal knowledge.

I have also had the opportunity to attend a further Injunction hearing at Hull County Court, which was conducted at a completely different setting to the previous one I attended. I thoroughly admired my supervisor on the day, as she was well prepared and secured the Injunction Order.

I look forward to press on and learn more about Dispute Resolution as it’s such a thrilling and fast-paces area of Law.

September 2017 - My first month as a trainee at Rollits has been thoroughly interesting and challenging. I feel like I have already learnt so much and have met so many wonderful people. Everyone has welcomed me into the firm and into the Dispute Resolution department. I have found my team to be friendly and helpful in answering my questions, in particular my mentor has been approachable and supportive. I have already attended a few client meetings and the Hull Combined Court Centre to observe an ex-parte Injunction Order hearing and to drop off and pick up documents on a daily basis. I have been given the opportunity to get involved with highly interesting matters that are intricate in nature and require a high level of excellence and attention. I am looking forward to learning more and to be involved with more cases.

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