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Lucy Trynka

Lucy is a second year trainee at Rollits in Hull. Her current seat is in the Company & Commercial department.

September 2019 - I am now sitting with the Employment Team in the Corporate and Commercial department. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the York office, it has been nice to return to the Hull office where I began my training contract!

I am thoroughly enjoying all the work I have been undertaking so far. This has included taking instructions from clients in order to respond to allegations made against them, compiling Employment Tribunal document bundles and researching the correct disciplinary procedures that should be followed prior to a dismissal.

Due to the nature of the Corporate and Commercial department, I have also been able to get involved with a variety of matters covering a wide range of legal areas including Charity Law and Company Law. I have enjoyed this diversity of work and I believe it will be helpful in the future when I am deciding which area of Law to qualify into.

There are a number of exciting events coming up next month and I am looking forward to attending the Hull Law Society Annual Ball at the end of this week .

August 2019 - I can’t believe it is the end of my seat in the Private Capital department. Everyone at the York office has been extremely helpful and they have always taken the time to help me with any questions or problems that have arisen.

In my final month I have drafted and submitted an application for a Grant of Probate and I have drafted inheritance tax forms in order to utilise a deceased spouse’s unused nil rate band. Although I had come across this type of transferable inheritance tax allowance previously, I had not completed the relevant form before and so it was interesting to see what information was required by HMRC.

I also drafted a Deed of Appointment of an additional Trustee this month. This involved looking through a variety of old deeds and trust documents and ensuring that the correct formalities were followed in order to effectively appoint a new trustee.

I was able to take a week of annual leave to go on holiday this month. It was nice to escape the rain for a while and come back to work feeling refreshed.

Although I am sad to leave the Private Capital department and everyone at the York office, I am excited to experience new challenges in my next seat in the Corporate and Commercial department.

July 2019 - This month has been extremely busy with lots of events taking place.

Rollits had their annual Charity Golf day at Brough Golf Club where I assisted with collecting scorecards and calculating the final results. I also helped at Driffield show where Rollits had a very busy stand due to their well known and well respected agricultural team.

I attended the Hull Young Professionals annual Summer Barbecue on the rooftop of nearby Essex House in Hull. This fell on the hottest day of the year and it was a great way to meet other young professionals from the local area whilst also enjoying good food and views.

I have also been very busy with some interesting work this month, including winding up and distributing an estate. I was able to see all the small technical steps and checks that have to be undertaken before proper distributions can be made and it was satisfying to see a matter I’d worked on for so long come to a close.

Next month will be my final month in the Private Capital department and I hope to be able to conclude more of the matters I’ve been working on before the next incoming trainee arrives

June 2019 - This month I completed my Finance and Business Skills Professional Skills Course Module which involved three days spent in Leeds, followed up by an exam. This was an intense few days but I am glad to have finally completed my mandatory modules. I aim to complete my three elective modules next year.

I have drafted a large amount of Trust Deeds this month, including Deeds of Appointment and Indemnity and Deeds of Retirement. This repetition has allowed me to feel more confident in this area of law; particularly with the specialist language and format required in these types of documents.  

I am now used to the process of drafting and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney, however this month I was able to assist in the process of registering an Enduring Power of Attorney. This was very interesting as these documents were replaced by LPAs in October 2007 and although EPAs made before this date are still valid, many people have replaced them with an updated LPA. This means that dealing with EPAs has become increasingly rare.

I am looking forward to the upcoming summer networking events and hopefully less rain!

May 2019 - I am now halfway through my Private Capital seat and halfway through my time at the York office.

The Firm took part in a “Make a Will week” in support of St Leonard’s Hospice this month, whereby a limited number of appointments were available for clients to make a Will for no fee in return for them making a donation to the Hospice. This meant I had a very busy week of attending client meetings and drafting multiple Wills!

I have also been able to assist in the process of applying for a Deputyship Order which was very interesting and not something I’d ever heard about before. It was useful to see the differences between Deputyship and Lasting Powers of Attorney in practice.

Last week I attended a home visit with my colleague to an elderly client in order to witness a signature on a Codicil. This showed me how much solicitors’ roles can vary in each different department.

I am excited to see what the summer months bring!

April 2019 - This month has been busy with lots of events to attend such as Charity partner meet-ups, a Hull and Humber 30 under 30 dinner and even an Easter Bake Off judged by Great British Bake off winner Nancy Birtwhistle!

I have been involved with more complicated matters in the department this month, such as compiling income analysis schedules for estate tax returns. This was a challenging task but a very satisfying one once completed.

I have also been able to assist in the winding up of Trusts and appointing out assets from under a Trust. This is not something I had come across in much detail at University or on the LPC, so it provided an interesting insight into a new area of law for me.

I hope to gain more knowledge of the Trusts and Private Client terminology in the coming months.

March 2019 - March has been my first month in my second trainee seat in the Private Capital department at the York office.

I am enjoying experiencing a new area of law and I have already been able to assist in some interesting matters!

I have been able to draft Wills for both couples and individuals of varying ages. I have also drafted Lasting Powers of Attorneys and deeds of revocation. It is interesting to see how widely these documents can vary depending on the wishes of the individual.

There is much more client contact in this department as face to face meetings are necessary to take instructions for Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney and to ensure that the makers of these documents have the required capacity. I have enjoyed getting the chance to speak to clients directly and see the legal process progress from engagement to completion.

The process of assisting in the administration of a deceased’s estate has required me to rediscover my mathematical abilities in the compilation of capital accounts. This has taught me the wide ranging requirements of a qualified solicitor!

February 2019 - This month has been my final month in the Property department. The last 6 months have flown by and I can’t believe it is already time to move seats.

I have dealt with more leasehold matters this month which has allowed me to gain experience in dealing with all areas of commercial property. I have also been progressing a number of complicated first registration applications with the aim of getting them ready for submission before I leave the department.

Outside of the office I attended a useful seminar on time management by local businessman Paul Sewell and met some interesting people at a networking event ran by Hull Young Professionals. I also completed my first Professional Skills Course on Client Care at the BPP Law School in Leeds.

I am looking forward to experiencing both a new area of law and a new office location when I move to the Private Capital department in the York office.

January 2019 - January has been an interesting month with plenty to get involved with. I have been able to attend more meetings this month which has allowed me to meet a wide variety of clients and put faces to the names that I have been working for.

I have also been dealing with unregistered land this month. This involved tracing the ownership of land back to our client when deeds have been lost over the years. It was interesting to learn that East Yorkshire is one of the few places in the country which holds a central register of deeds, making it easier to locate any missing documents.

I am now becoming more confident in undertaking completions without direct supervision. I was able to complete a number of transactions that I have been working on and undertake the necessary follow up steps such as completing the SDLT returns and dealing with the accounts process.

Next month will be the final month of my first seat, so I will be making the most of my remaining time in the property department.

December 2018 - I have thoroughly enjoyed my first Christmas at Rollits. There were many festive activities such as a Christmas jumper day, a department Christmas meal and a Secret Santa. It was also nice to have a short break to recharge before the new year!

This month I moved desks from the Planning side of the property floor to the Commercial side. This has allowed me to work alongside partners who I hadn’t had the chance to work with before and to take on a wider variety of work. I have also been able to undertake more independent work involving working on property transactions from engagement to completion, whilst still having the help available when needed.

I attended my first Hull Young Professionals event and it was interesting to meet people my age working in similar professions in the local area. It also gives a great opportunity for networking.

I am looking forward to getting more involved with the commercial property transactions in the New Year!

November 2018 - I cannot believe I am almost halfway through my first seat as a trainee at Rollits!

This month has been very busy and I have undertaken a greater variety of work including drafting contracts and agreements, completing two first registrations and dealing with a lease extension. I also attended the Northumbria University Careers Fair where I was able to pass on advice to students about applying for training contracts and working in a law firm. The set up of the event meant that I was able to meet a lot of interesting people from a variety of professions.

I have been more involved with residential matters this month which I found particularly interesting as it meant dealing with individuals purchasing their family homes rather than large companies buying development land.

I am able to work more independently on matters now that I am settled in the department and more confident in the work I am doing. This has allowed me to take on more responsibility and made me feel more integrated within the firm.

There are lots of events planned for the next month and I am looking forward to the upcoming festive period!

October 2018 - My second month at Rollits has gone extremely quickly! Everyone in the property department has been extremely welcoming and they do not hesitate in offering assistance with any problems I encounter.

I have been able to undertake a wider range of tasks this month such as drafting lease reports, completing SDLT returns and the voluntary first registration of a property. I feel like I have learnt a lot this month and I no longer have to ask as many questions when completing pieces of work.

I have also had exciting opportunities outside of the office. I was able to attend networking events which allowed me to meet a variety of interesting people from many different industries and I also had the opportunity to go back to my old school for a careers convention and talk to sixth formers about life as a trainee solicitor.

I was able to attend a site visit with the planning department and see a completed development. I thoroughly enjoyed this as I was able to see the finished result after only previously seeing plans and drawings.

I am looking forward to my next month in the property department and all of the exciting events that are coming up in the calendar.


I’ve just completed my first two weeks as a trainee at Rollits. Before starting at Rollits I studied law at Newcastle University and completed my LPC at the University of Law in Leeds.

In my first week there were lots of inductions and online courses to complete, however by my second week I felt fully integrated into the Property Department.

I have undertaken tasks such as obtaining land and company searches, completing land registry forms and even going on a development site visit.

Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and I am looking forward to the next six months in this department.

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