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Josh Hobson

Josh Hobson is a first year Trainee at Rollits in Hull and his first seat is in the property department.

My route to Rollits

I began my education at St Nicholas Primary School before attending Endeavour High School. During my time at Endeavour the decision was unfortunately taken to close the school which left me in the strange position of being the only year attending the school when I was in year 11. Despite this, my year achieved the best results in the history of the school.

After achieving strong GCSE results I opted to go against the trend of attending Wyke and attended St Mary’s Sixth Form College instead. Initially I wanted to either pursue a business/economic related career or be a PE teacher and therefore opted to study Biology, Physical Education, Mathematics and Economics. It quickly became apparent to me that my busy sport schedule did not suit the volume of work that was required to be successful at Mathematics and so, inspired by Suits (which I was watching at the time), I decided to swap Maths for Law. It is, therefore, primarily due to Suits why I have ultimately ended up pursuing a legal career.

I decided to drop Biology at the beginning of my second year as I had moved away from the idea of being a PE teacher and was set on an intellectually stimulating career. During my second year I also completed the Extended Project Qualification focusing upon ‘The Impact of Brexit upon the Bosman Ruling in English Football’ which combined my passion for sport along with my PE and Law modules as well as being topical at the time due to the Brexit result which had recently been announced.

I quickly decided that I wanted to attend a university outside of Hull in order to experience a new city and have true independence. Ultimately I attended the University of Manchester to study Law. I really enjoyed myself in Manchester, although I feel the city delivered more than what the university did. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the end of my undergraduate studies were interrupted and I had to complete the final months of study and exams online back in Hull. Despite this I still managed to achieve a First Class degree although I am (still) yet to have a graduation ceremony.

Prior to completing my undergraduate studies I attended several work placements. I was a participant of the Pathways to Law Plus scheme which entailed taking part in placements at Hogan Lovells, Linklaters and DLA Piper. I also attended Rollits’ and Gosschalks’ Work Experience Programmes. Rollits stood out to me due to its ability to combine high-quality work with reputable clients whilst still providing an appealing work environment which ultimately leads to a good work/life balance. This experience persuaded me to apply (successfully) for a training contract at Rollits.

After the University of Manchester I attended the University of Law in Manchester to undertake the Legal Practice Course with the integrated MSc in Law and Business. I found this course to be surprisingly straight forward and achieved a Distinction.

What it is like starting a training contract at Rollits

My first month at Rollits has flown by. Everyone at the firm has been welcoming and has gone out of their way to ensure that I receive any help that I need and this has confirmed the impression that I formed during my work experience here.

My first weeks have consisted of inductions, getting used to the system as well as getting to know my colleagues. Thankfully my colleagues have been understanding and have eased me into working life which, alongside increasing familiarity with the systems has resulted in very little stress and pressure. Getting to know my colleagues has been aided by participating in the wine tasting event that the firm organised.

My first seat is in the Property department and as the weeks have passed my workload has steadily increased and diversified - what started out as the odd job normally consisting of checking documents or researching points of law has now began to turn into drafting Land Registry forms and communicating with other parties involved in matters.

I am really enjoying my start to working life and the Property department and I look forward to developing more skills and attempting more diverse work in the week to come.

Want to apply?

If you would like to apply to be a trainee at Rollits, please visit our Training Contracts page.

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