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Jordan Collinson

Jordan is a first year trainee at Rollits. His current seat is in the Property Department.

March 2021 - As the end of March approaches I have finished my first month of my Training Contract! I have been very busy in my first seat - which is Property. There has been an influx of clients who are wishing to make use of the Stamp Duty Land Tax relief which was introduced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in July 2020. As this has now been extended further to June 2021 and then tapered till September 2021 I expect my first seat will continue to be busy throughout my six months in the department.

As part of the Property team I have been undergoing various research tasks which have facilitated the sale of properties and also pushed along the transaction when a technical issue faces the client. I have done legal research on; perpetuity periods in respect of restrictive covenants, landlord’s obligations in commercial leases, agricultural protected tenancies, local land charges and overriding interests and residential leases and serving of notices during the amended legislation due to Covid. Legal research has prompted me to develop and understand areas of the law which are not taught at university and also which are complex in nature.

Alongside this, I took on the responsibility of a planning obligation and made representations to the Local Planning Authority on behalf of the client. This was invaluable in terms of drafting experience and gave experience in planning matters which I had only looked at briefly before starting at Rollits. I attended a necessary site visit in order to better make representations for the client.

I have also drafted a variety of different Land Registry applications including, transfers of whole and part, entry of a restriction, application to change the register, a proprietorship search, a first registration and also a document list which illustrates the epitome of title at the Land Registry. Whilst at university we did not deal with unregistered land and therefore this task was essential in ensuring it is clear how to register land, and, which documents are notable when conveying or purchasing land which is not registered.

I have also begun drafting a report on title for a client to advise them of any easements and covenants which affect the title and any particular issue which they should be aware of.

Aside from the work aspect, I have joined in on an Easter event which involved bingo, a raffle and also an Easter treat bag from the firm!

Overall I have adjusted very well to the matters which I am dealing in and look forward to continuing in my current seat.


My route to Rollits

My first school I went to was Oldfleet Primary school where I attended the nursery and later reception. I stayed at this school until year six and progressed to Archbishop Thurston School (as it was known then).

As I began secondary school there were a variety of changes happening surrounding the national academisation of schools. As I began year 9 the school had moved to their new build premises and had changed from Archbishop Thurston to Archbishop Sentamu Academy. I did all of the usual academics in secondary school and excelled particularly in English Language, Religious Education and History.

After completing secondary school I decided that I would attend Wyke Sixth Form College in order to complete my AS and A-Levels. Initially I wanted to pursue a career as a doctor and even based my introductory week on; Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Law! It soon became apparent to me that all of the science based subjects did not lend well to my literary ability as they were more numerically based. Knowing that I was particularly suited to literary based studies I chose to do AS level; History, English Language, Law and Sociology. As of the second year of college I dropped my AS History (as it was customary to drop one) and carried on with the other courses as A-Levels. In my final year at college I also undertook an optional Extended Project Qualification which looked at ‘Societal Opinion of the Death Penalty and Differing Opinions’ - this lent well to both my Law and Sociology A-Levels. Mid-way through my A-levels I was applying to different universities and happened to get an unconditional offer from the University of Hull. As a Hullensian I was keen to stay in the area and did not want to venture too far - I liked my circle of support in the area and to leave that behind would have been silly!

I started at the University of Hull doing the LL.B Law degree and undertook all of the compulsory modules in the first year, much of these provide the groundwork for a career in law and therefore are vital. At the end of my first year I was told about the possibility of doing a year abroad to focus exclusively on European Legal Systems and Civil Law jurisdictions. This led to me choosing to specialise at first in comparative law and looking specifically at legal families, taxonomy and classification. In order to facilitate the skill of legal analysis and comparison I decided I would do the year abroad and move to Bayureth, Germany for a year! On my year abroad I learnt a large amount of information on the dealings of civil law jurisdictions and also learnt how to interpret laws from a codified constitution, which is particularly difficult given the United Kingdom has no codified constitution. I also spent a proportion of my time travelling central Europe and often went on road trips around Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Czech Republic and also flew to Italy and Malta!

Between the summer of finishing my year abroad and starting my final year of university, I attended the Rollits Work Experience Programme and spent two weeks at the firm getting to grips with the practical side of the law and also local firms I which I wanted to pursue a career. Rollits stood out above the rest for their forward thinking nature and ability to be both a well-rounded and reputable regional firm which also provided a great work environment and ability to move with the times and keep with the younger generation. After my work experience I applied for a training contract and attended two interviews, one of which I had to present to a board on a topic of my choosing (which was travelling in Europe) and the second which was based on a mock client interview. It was in that autumn which I received my training contract offer - which I was extremely excited about.

On my return I knew that in order to enhance my legal skills further and also so potentially prepare myself more for the field of academics to undertake the optional dissertation module. I decided that this would be the best way to have a specialist understanding of legal jurisdictions and also to diversify my academic skills and prepare me for a master of law. I wrote my dissertation based on ‘Inquisitorial and Adversarial Criminal Trial Procedure; an Anglo-Germanic Comparison’. I learnt may things from the dissertation module, most importantly how to structure well rounded legal research and also to ensure that research methods were optimised fully. In mastering the skill of academic research I found a gap in which I could focus in my legal field. I graduate the University of Hull with a First Class Hons Degree in LL.B Law with European Legal Studies.

After the University of Hull I attended the University of Law in Leeds where I undertook the Legal Practice Course with the integrated LL.M in Professional Practice. Throughout the year I undertook the compulsory modules which bridge the gap to practical application of the law in the workplace. The LPC was extremely demanding and introduced many new elements of the law which I had not experienced yet. When it came to optional modules I decided that I would build upon my LL.B knowledge and chose; Employment Law, Family Law, Advanced Real Estate and Commercial Law and Practice. I ‘graduated’ (without a ceremony) in summer 2020 with a Distinction.

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