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Harry Spice

Harry is a second year trainee at Rollits.

March 2020 - I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month working in the Private Client department.

I have had limited exposure to this area of law during the LPC, so it has been an interesting month as I build my knowledge on all things private client. Nevertheless, it has been a busy month!

I have been completing research tasks in a wide range of areas. I have considered issues such as the methods available to extend the perpetuity period of a trust, to the requirements for a foreign deputyship order to be granted recognition in England and Wales. I have also had the opportunity to draft several Court of Protection applications. It has been interesting to learn the different requirements for each application, and I hope that I can use this knowledge in future tasks I am assigned.

During my first month I have also been given several different documents to draft. These include wills, deeds appointing additional trustees and discretionary settlements. These tasks provide the ideal opportunity to improve my drafting technique, which is an essential skill for any lawyer.

I am looking forward to the next five months in the Department!

February 2020 - My final month in the property department has come around really quickly!

I have had various research tasks to complete on numerous topics. These tasks have included research on SDLT relief from the higher rate for companies, to considering whether the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 and whether it would be possible to use the rights within the Act. I have thoroughly enjoyed completing research tasks during my time in the property department. In particular, I have found it reward to see my knowledge in areas such as SDLT grow throughout the six months.

I have also had the opportunity to draft several lease reports. These provide the client with a brief overview of the provisions of a lease. I find these interesting to draft as you are able to consider the effects of the lease provisions. My drafting skills have improved significantly by drafting lease reports, as it has requires the skill of interpreting the lease provisions in a clear manner which the client can understand.

I also assisted in a property sale for the first time. This provided me with an opportunity to draft a sales contract and the CPSE.1 enquiries which are sent to the purchaser’s solicitor.

I will be spending the next six months in the Private Client department in York. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead!

January 2020 - After a relaxing Christmas break, the workload has increased as we head towards my final month in the property department!

I have done plenty of research this month on a range of topics. This includes on areas such as permitted development rights and their application to telecommunications, who the competent landlord is for the purposes of a lease extension and the prior approval procedure. A benefit of being in the property department is the wide range of areas which you get an opportunity to complete research tasks.

I have also had plenty of land registry applications and SDLT return forms to draft. As I come to the end of my property seat, some of these forms are becoming second nature! I have completed a handful of first registration applications. These are interesting as you get to read some of the old conveyances which contain unusual provisions.

I was also given the opportunity to attend the “What’s trending in IP” seminar in Manchester. This was an event to give lawyers an update on the recent IP cases on particular areas, such as design rights and employee benefits.

December 2019 - December has been another busy month in the property department.

With people taking time off over the Christmas period, I have had the opportunity to assist in completion and post-completion matters for several transactions this month. Helping on a matter which is coming to an end can be quite difficult as it requires you to check the file to see what has happened in the build-up to completion. However, this has also provided me an opportunity to test the knowledge I have acquired during my first three months at the firm.

I am also in the process of completing more first registration applications. These can be quite time consuming as it requires thorough reading of the conveyances and other relevant documents, and determining which of these will be required by the Land Registry.

I have also undertaken several pieces of research on topics which I have covered previously. For example, I have completed research on the stamp duty position where a person owns other property but is purchasing their main dwelling and what constitutes a main dwelling for stamp duty purposes. In doing this research I have realised the importance of research for trainees, as it provides an opportunity to build our knowledge.

I also attended the firm’s Annual General Meeting. This was a great opportunity to see how the firm has performed over 2019 and the aim for the following year.

I am looking forward to what 2020 brings!

November 2019 - I have now spent three months in the Property Department, and I cannot believe how fast the time has passed!

November has seen an increase in my workload as the whole department is busy! I have assisted in the completion of several purchases, ranging from agricultural fields to shops. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping out as it has given me an insight into the varying nature of each transaction. Now that I have spent a few months in the department, I am assisting in matters from the start to the finish. This is very rewarding as you get to know the client and the importance of the transaction to them.

Once again, I have been asked to complete various pieces of research. This month I have done research on areas such as permitted development rights and the planning requirements for HMO’s. I enjoy doing research tasks as you can assist in matters in the future when this issue arises again.

November was also the month for the Rollits Employee Forum Quiz. Although my team did not win, it was great fun! Events such as these provide opportunities to talk to fellow employees who you may not get chance to talk to on a regular basis.

I am excited to see what the next three months in the Property Department brings.

October 2019 - My second month in the Property Department has passed very quickly! I have settled into the department now thanks to the ongoing support of my colleagues. The support I have received has helped me to enjoy my time in this seat.

I have had the opportunity to get involved in several different matters. I have been given tasks in relation to drafting and reviewing leases. Having the opportunity to review them has helped me improve my drafting skills in relation leases.

I have been given several purchases to complete which has helped me to improve my time management skills. Getting involved in these has also shown me how the nature of each transaction varies, and that serious thought must be put into the requirements for each.

October has seen me complete several different pieces of research, ranging from topics such as undertakings required in a sub-sale to the implications on an uncertain term in a tenancy agreement.

I have been regularly involved in making Land Registry applications for various matters. These have involved registering transfers of property to withdrawing a restriction from a title. Having completed several first registrations in my first month at Rollits, I have been given several more to complete. In doing so I have realised how much I have learnt in my first two months in this seat.

During this month I have attended the Hymers Career Convention. This was a great event in which the pupils were well informed. I really enjoyed answering their questions in regards to pursuing a career in the legal profession. I have also attended the Young Talent Network Leadership Workshop which gave me an insight into the role of a leader within the professional workplace. I look forward to attending many more events in the coming months which will help me improve my skills for the future!

I am looking forward to the coming months as my workload increases.

September 2019 - My first month at Rollits has passed extremely quickly! I arrived after completing an LLB Law degree at the University of Hull, followed by achieving a Distinction in the LPC MSc in Law, Business and Management at the University of Law in Leeds.

My first week was predominately spent attending training sessions which enabled us to settle in quickly. These have proved really helpful as the month has progressed. The Property Department have been supportive and kept me busy for the first few weeks of my time here.

During my first month in the Department I have completed several pieces of research on areas such as Stamp Duty Land Tax. It has been rewarding putting the skills I learnt on the LPC into practice! I have also had the opportunity to complete various Land Registry applications for first registrations and transfers.

I have also had the opportunity to help out at the Heritage Open Events which Rollits hosted earlier this month. These were extremely busy and insightful as I learnt a lot about the history of the Firm! It was also an opportunity to meet new people.

It has been an exciting first month and I am looking forward to the rest of my time in the Property Department!

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