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Harriet Wheeldon

Harriet is a first year trainee at Rollits in Hull. Her current seat is in the Property department. Below is Harriet's blog about what it is like to be a trainee at Rollits!

July 2018 - I can’t believe that I only have one more month in the Property department! I feel like the time I have spent in my second seat has flown by. This last month has involved me working closely with the second group of work experience students which has been really enjoyable. It has been a good experience to answer their questions about training contracts at Rollits and give them an insight into the work that a trainee undertakes. I have also been able to accompany the Planning team on a planning inquiry which was an exciting opportunity for me to experience something completely new. I have also been very busy this month with a number of first registration matters in relation to both commercial and residential property in addition to assisting in the process of sales and purchases. I have been able to undertake some work in relation to secured lending and I feel like my experience of the Property department has broadened over the last month. I am looking forward to my final month in this department and gaining even more experience before I move seats.

June 2018 - June has been an exciting month in my training contract. It has been Business Week and I was able to be involved with hosting an event at Rollits as well as attending other events taking place in the area. In particular, I attended a finance seminar which I found extremely useful in refreshing my knowledge of company accounts. This will be helpful when acting for corporate clients and will assist me with understanding their financial structure. I also attended a Humber Routes seminar. This was another interesting event and I found it inspirational being introduced to local businesses which were established and grown in the area.

Furthermore, this month at Rollits we have welcome the first group of work experience students. I have enjoyed being able to talk to the students about life as a trainee solicitor at Rollits and provide guidance in relation to the tasks they have been set. I am looking forward to welcoming the second group of students in two weeks time.

May 2018 - I can’t believe that I am half way through my second seat. Throughout May, I have been able enhance my knowledge of commercial property. I have continued to attend webinars covering all areas of law covered by the firm and I have been involved in more drafting work as well as completing various Land Registry applications. Furthermore, I have been able to assist the Planning Team in more planning matters and I was given the opportunity to complete a purchase. I enjoyed having this experience as it gave me the chance take on more responsibility.

I am looking forward to developing my skills and knowledge during the second half of my seat as well as meeting and working with the work experience students who are due to attend Rollits over the summer. I will enjoy being able to answer questions about my recent legal studies as well as life as a Trainee Solicitor at Rollits.

April 2018 April has been a busy month in the Commercial Property department. I have been involved in a wide range of work which has included drafting various different documents such as Contracts of Sale, Transfers and Lease Reports. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to engage with new types of work and broaden my understanding of property law. I have also been able to expand my knowledge of Stamp Duty Land Tax by a variety of research tasks and preparing SDLT Returns. I also attended a workshop on SDLT which I found extremely helpful in understanding the rules and reliefs relating to SDLT.

In addition to those tasks, I assisted the Planning and Development team when I attended a site visit in which we investigated the extent of a development site which is something I found very interesting and I enjoyed being able to see the Land in question.

I am looking forward to the next few months of my Property seat.

March 2018 - My first month in the Property Department has been an exciting change in my training contract!

I have been involved in a wide variety of work since beginning in the Property Department. Although it was strange starting in a completely new area of law, I have enjoyed being presented with new challenges and expanding my knowledge of the law even further.

So far I have been involved in client meetings, completions as well as drafting a number of Land Registry application forms. Furthermore, I have recently completed my first SDLT Return which I found an interesting process having had the opportunity to research the rules in relation to SDLT first. I have also had the opportunity to complete a first registration to register a lease where the freehold title is unregistered.

Everyone in the Property Department has been very welcoming and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month in my second seat. I am looking forward to getting involved with more matters throughout the next few months.

February 2018 - I cannot believe that my first six months at Rollits has come to an end and it is time to move into my next seat. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first seat and I am so grateful to everyone who has welcomed me into the firm. Furthermore, it has been a pleasure to experience the York office and immerse myself in a broad range of work. The Private Capital department have also been extremely helpful and have encouraged my progression as a Trainee Solicitor. I have learnt so much from everyone in the department who have always taken the time to give me guidance whenever it was needed. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to gain experience in running matters under the supervision of a solicitor which has been invaluable in giving me a true understanding of what it is like to be a qualified Private Capital Solicitor.

Despite having to leave the Private Capital Department, I am looking forward to commencing my next seat in the Property department in the Hull office as I believe this is February 2018a crucial area of law which will be useful throughout my training contract.

January 2018 - Since returning to Rollits after a nice Christmas break, I have had an extremely busy month! I have been heavily involved in a wide range of matters and have attended more client meetings. It has been very exciting to see the progression of matters from start to finish. Furthermore, I have had the continued opportunity to draft a variety of different documents relating to wills and probate as well as other applications to the Court of Protection. Overall, I feel like I have had a broad experience in the Private Capital department with the ability to focus on particular specialist areas of law.

My experience of the law has also expanded as I have been able to attend a webinar in relation to property law which I found very interesting. In addition, this month I have completed another PSC module in Advocacy and Communication Skills which I really enjoyed.

I am looking forward to my final month in my Private Capital seat but I am excited to move into a new department to have the opportunity to be involved in a new area of law.

December 2017 - Throughout December I have become increasingly involved with more matters and my responsibility continues to grow. I have enjoyed being able to spot difficulties in certain matters, research the legal and practical solutions, report back to the supervising solicitor and then, with their approval, execute the necessary course of action. This has given me an insight as to what it is like to be a newly qualified solicitor.

Consequently, with a heavier involvement, this month I have had the opportunity of increased client contact. Whilst I have liked the drafting and research elements of my Private Capital seat, further client contact has put me on “front line” of matters and I have gained more experience in attending clients, taking telephone calls and completing written client correspondence.

December also has been a very exciting month as it has seen lots of Christmas festivities. This has involved Christmas parties, a Christmas jumper day and a Christmas themed charity bake sale as well as lots of other things! I am looking forward to a Christmas break and returning to Rollits in the new year.

November 2017 - I am now half way through my first seat as a trainee solicitor. I am really enjoying drafting wills and codicils as well as assisting in the probate and estate planning processes. Every will I have drafted has presented new and interesting challenges and I have liked being able to research and apply my knowledge of the law in order to achieve documents that are in accordance with the client’s instructions. Furthermore, I feel like every day I am given more responsibility and the opportunity to engage with more complex yet interesting matters. This is something which I am very excited about as I feel like am a valued member of the Private Capital department.

November has also seen me attend more careers fairs and I was able to attend the University of Hull and the University of Law, Leeds careers fairs. I was very pleased I was able to go to these events as they are the institutions where I studied and it was really good to be able to return and talk to students about Rollits as well as life as a trainee solicitor.

I also have lots of social events during the approach to Christmas and I expect that December will be a very exciting month.

October 2017 - I can’t believe that I have completed my second month at Rollits! The last month has passed extremely quickly and I feel like I am now fully settled into the York office.

Over the past month, I have been able to immerse myself into a broad range of tasks in the Private Capital department. These have included drafting a number of wills and codicils as well as completing the probate papers for certain matters. Each document I have drafted has been unique and has presented new challenges. I have enjoyed being able to learn from these challenges and in particular, be involved in every aspect of the department. The Private Capital department have also been incredibly supportive of my work, providing me with feedback on every piece of work I have undertaken in order for me to produce the best quality work possible. This is something I have really appreciated as it has allowed me to learn and improve as a trainee solicitor. Furthermore, I have undertaken research into Charitable Trusts which has allowed me to understand their structure, governance and the legislation that affects them most which is something I have found extremely interesting

Additionally, in October I was involved in a careers fair with Caroline Hardcastle which was an excellent opportunity for me to speak to pupils aspiring to be solicitors. I thoroughly enjoyed this event and it was great to be able to talk to pupils and parents about Rollits and the route to becoming a trainee solicitor.

September 2017 - I joined Rollits one month ago and cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. I am really enjoying my first seat in the Private Capital department in the York office and feel like I have learnt so much already.

In my first couple of weeks I completed a number of induction training sessions to understand how Rollits works as a firm and I was also able to take part in Hull’s Heritage Open Day weekend in which the Hull office was opened to the public to showcase its history as a law firm. After completing my induction training, I was given the opportunity to start some probate work which was really useful in helping me understand the legal process that occurs after a death. Furthermore, alongside the supervision of a partner, I have had the opportunity to meet with a number of clients and draft certain documents following these meetings. I found this exciting and I am looking forward to meeting with more clients in the future.

I have also been able to attend a seminar on rent review which I found particularly interesting and it has been really beneficial to keep up to date with property law whilst completing my seat in the Private Capital department.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month at Rollits and I look forward to further expanding my knowledge of the law throughout my training contract.

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