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Harriet Kingston

Harriet is a first year trainee at Rollits in York. Her current seat is in the property department.

November 2018 - Another busy month in the Planning and Development Department and I am now really starting to find my feet! This month I have undertaken various research projects to include finding and exploring supporting case law in order to build an appeal to a planning decision.

I have also been involved in a few drafting tasks including a Deed of Variation to an Option Agreement as well as a Deed of Release to a Pre-Emption Agreement. This involved carefully comparing other example documents from our database and precedent documents from Practical Law, in order to tailor each new deed to the individual matter at hand and their specific requirements.

I have also been tasked with drafting a commercial lease. I am now amidst negotiations of the terms of the lease with the Tenant’s solicitor. This is great experience for me to balance negotiation skills, so as to achieve an agreed form of lease, whilst ensuring that important terms remain incorporated in to the lease that our client requires.

This month has also been a busy month of networking and I enjoyed attending the “Word Class York” Business Conference at York Racecourse and “Economic York” at the Principal Hotel, York. The more networking I become involved with, the more I realise that this is an important skill that cannot be underestimated, as it is pivotal in keeping existing and building new connections. As Christmas approaches, I am looking forward to attending more events!

October 2018 - I am just coming up to the end of my second month in the Planning and Development Department which has gone by in a flash!

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my colleagues in department, who have been so patient and welcoming and really do take a lot of time to explain things to me in depth.

This month I have had the opportunity of reviewing and amending a Section 106 Agreement, reviewing a Wayleave Agreement and explaining the obligations under the agreement to our client and also drafting a Deed of Variation of an existing overage agreement. I was also asked to research Agricultural Occupancy Conditions and their implications and also case law surrounding how these can be lifted.

The really beneficial part of the process is going through each document I have drafted with a colleague, who will discuss how to change certain aspects to strengthen my drafting and which things to consider in order to make each document more favourable to the client. I will then have the opportunity to review the final draft from my colleague and compare this with mine and really spot those changes.

These have all been exciting tasks for me as they have each involved thorough research to allow me to really understand the law behind each matter. This has helped me lay a good foundation of legal knowledge, which I can now start to build upon.

I look forward to next month, where I hope to have further opportunities to test what I have learnt this month and also become involved in more complex development matters.


After graduating from my degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Hull in 2012, I then completed the GDL at York College of Law in 2013. Following this I worked as a paralegal for several years before commencing the LPC at BPP University in Leeds, which I completed in September 2017.

Having worked for Rollits for just under a year as a Paralegal in the Property Department dealing with residential and commercial property matters, I am now entering my fourth week as a trainee solicitor in the Planning and Development Team. My first few weeks involved handing over existing files, while undertaking various training courses. I was also pleased to meet the new trainees and my trainee supervisor and mentor.

I have now returned from my holiday and I am eager to get back in to the throws of work within my new team and I look forward to seeing what the next six months bring!

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