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Enisha Ali

Enisha is a second year trainee at Rollits. Her current seat is in the Dispute Resolution department.

March 2020 - My first month in the Company and Commercial department has been an interesting one as I am, like many people in the country, now working from home due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Despite only being in the department for a month, I have already gained a lot of knowledge in relation to company and commercial law as I have been allocated a wide variety of matters to assist with, including those relating to finance agreements, privacy policies and the transferring of shares. I have also dealt with legal issues surrounding COVID-19, such as writing articles providing advice for employers and charities during the pandemic and also researching what effect certain clauses in a contract have in the context of the virus preventing performance.

Before social distancing measures were put in place, I did get the opportunity to attend a briefing my colleague and partner of the firm, James Peel, hosted to a college on the topic of General Data Protection Regulation. I found this very informative and it was great to see to see him speak to an external audience. I also attended Hull Collegiate School’s careers fair where it was lovely to be able to speak to students and their parents about the routes that are possible to follow in order to pursue a career in law. Furthermore, I took part in Smailes Goldie Group’s ‘Big Fat Quiz of the Year’ which was a fun and successful event supporting the Smile Foundation.

Although I hope we are able to return to the office in the not too distant future, I feel I have adapted well to working from home and continue to receive the support needed from my colleagues as we have daily contact via emails and telephone.

February 2020 - My time in the Property department has come to an end and I can not believe how quickly my first 6 months at the firm has passed. I have really enjoyed my time in the department and learned a lot as the seat lends it self to trainees being able to gain experience in a lot of skill areas, including drafting, research and having client contact.

This month I continued to be given a variety of work on areas of law which I have not previously dealt with, including research relating to restricted byways, drafting letters of consent to the grant of easements and a Deed of Covenant.

The matters I have dealt with this month have also required me to complete a lot of research in relation to Stamp Duty Land Tax. Whilst this can be a very complex area of law, it has been interesting to look into, especially in the context of the uniqueness of the matters I was dealing with.

At the beginning of March I move to work in the Commercial and Corporate departments which I am really looking forward to as whilst I will miss my colleagues in the Property department and the work I have been assisting with, I have no doubt the matters I will be dealing with in the coming 6 months will be equally as interesting and am looking forward to what new challenges lie ahead!

January 2020 - It has been a busy first month of the year in the property department.

I have completed research on a variety of topics, from charges to leasehold enfranchisements (which is not something I was previously familiar with). I also drafted Heads of Terms for the first time which gave me an opportunity to learn something new.

I attended a client meeting along with a partner in the department which was a valuable experience, especially as I will be assisting on the matter.

The firm hosted a seminar titled ‘Planning for a new decade - common misunderstandings explained’ whereby my colleagues, along with employees from Informed Financial Planning, discussed the need for wills, trusts and power of attorney, the need to be protected by life cover, and also pre-nuptial agreements. Not only did it give me the opportunity to interact with the attendees, it was an informative seminar and will help with my understanding of matters when I move departments as part of my training.

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a presentation given by Dr Alan James to the board members of the Institute of Board of Directors (East Yorkshire (Humber)). The presentation focused on incentives for electric vehicles and ‘thinking through (and beyond) the Northern powerhouse’ in respect of transport and infrastructure. It was very informative and I learned a lot about new and upcoming technological advances.

This week is a particularly important week for the firm as we are hosting our ‘2020 Vision’ event at the Deep. I am also taking part in the Beverley High School careers fair which I am especially looking forward to as I attended the school myself.

My time as a trainee in the property department has nearly come to an end as I am moving to the Company & Commercial department at the begging of March. I can not believe how quickly the time has gone but I am looking forward to seeing what I learn during my remaining time in the department.

December 2019 - I have really enjoyed my first Christmas at the firm. A variety of activities have taken place throughout the month including a Christmas jumper day (which involved a departmental sing-off!) and also the firm’s Annual General Meeting which was held at the Deep. It was good to have some festive fun and I also attended a presentation given by a motivational speaker at Beverley High School which was a great experience.

I have recently undertaken quite a few research tasks which I enjoyed doing as they gave me the opportunity to learn new information relating to a variety of areas, including leases and charges. I also completed my first replies to Commercial Property Standard Enquiries which further extended my understanding of a property transaction.

This month I also completed a property sale for the first time. With completion being such a significant moment in a transaction, I was happy the sale completed smoothly and I have since completed a further 2 sales.

I am looking forward to seeing what work comes in during the New Year!

November 2019 - I am now almost half way through my seat within the Property Department and can not believe how quickly the time has passed.

I continue to be given new work each day meaning I am constantly learning new things and given the chance to grow as a Trainee.

It has been a really busy month in the department and I am enjoying the responsibility I have been given and feel my knowledge of property law has greatly increased.

This month a matter completed which I had assisted on from start to finish. This felt really rewarding and helped me to understand the full process of a property transaction. Part of my role within the matter was producing a Report on Title which required me to study a large amount of title documents and evaluating as to what extent the various entries affected the property.

Just yesterday the firm held a quiz night which I was really looking forward to as I had heard good reviews about the one held last quarter. It did not disappoint. We all had great fun and the firm ordered in pie from a local restaurant for tea, which was a tasty treat. My team were even each awarded a Christmas pudding for coming last!

As time since September has passed so quickly, I am looking forward to what the next half of my seat in the department brings.

October 2019 - My second month in the Commercial Property Department has flown by!

I feel at home in the department and everyone has continued to support my development, taking the time to review my work and give me helpful advice.

This month I have had the opportunity to assist on matters which have required me to liaise with banks, solicitors and clients. It has been great to have the opportunity to work closely with the different parties and learn more about their roles within in a property transaction, and the importance of keeping all informed. I even attended a few meetings in Leeds which was exciting!

A lot of my work this month has involved leases which I found to be an area of property law I am really interested in. I completed a variety of different tasks, ranging from lease reports to research relating to surrendering a lease.

I feel my drafting skills have already improved since I started, as I have been given the opportunity to draft a broad range of documents which means I have been able to continuously strengthen my drafting style by putting into practice what I learn each time I produce a piece of work.

I have been regularly making Land Registry applications, including those which are new to me, such as registering and removing charges. This has given me knowledge not only in relation to the relevant application process but also charges themselves.

During the month I attended the Hymers Career Convention and University of Hull Law Fair. They were both great events and it was lovely to meet so many people who have an interest in law and to be able to give them advice on how to pursue a career in the field. I also attended the Young Talent Network Leadership Workshop which was very informative and provided tips on how to become a good leader within the work place.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what work I will complete within the next few months as my responsibilities increase

September 2019 - After graduating with a degree in Law from the University of Hull in 2018, followed by an LPC LLM in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Law earlier this year, I have now almost completed my first month as a Trainee Solicitor at Rollits.

My first week mainly consisted of inductions and getting to know my new colleagues. It was great to see people who I previously met two years ago whilst taking part in the Firm’s Vacation Scheme. It felt like hardly any time had passed because everyone made me feel very welcome.

Working in the Property Department, I have already been able to deal with a variety of different legal matters including assisting on the exchange and completion of agricultural land, adverse possession applications and reports on leases. I helped host events for the Heritage Open Day, which was great to be included in, and will also be attending the Hull Incorporated Law Society Ball this week.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the Firm and I cannot wait to see what new skills I develop from working in the Department for the next five months.

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