“Depth and breadth of experience enables us to provide the service which is the best fit for a client’s circumstances”

Alison Benson

On the last day of Good Divorce Week supporting Resolution’s focus on Parenting through Separation we look at the different options to resolve disputes. Some parents can discuss things themselves but if emotions are running high or there are safety issues involved, help will be required. As well as mediation which we discussed on Wednesday, seeking advice from a solicitor can help focus the issues and will clarify your legal position. It will also help you make a decision as to the best way to proceed for your family situation. Some solicitors are collaboratively trained and this approach would involve a 4 way meeting with your ex. 

Sometimes a situation cannot be resolved using these methods and an application to Court will be needed which means a Judge will decide the arrangements they consider are in the best interests of your child.  This will ultimately resolve disagreements about where a child shall live and how much time they spend with each parent.  The Court process can also be used to decide specific issues in a child’s life such as what school they should attend and questions about health and religion.  This route maybe necessary if there are safeguarding concerns about a parent who may be deemed a risk to a child and this can be investigated by Cafcass or Social Services, as appropriate.

The family team at Rollits are all specialist experienced family lawyers who can advise on the correct route for your family circumstances in a child focused way.  Alison Benson, Head of Family says “we have a real depth and breadth of experience at Rollits enabling us to provide the service which is the best fit for a client’s circumstances, whether that be via mediation, needing advice and guidance or representation in complex Court applications.” Any enquiries should be directed to Alison Benson on 01482 337 363 or alison.benson@rollits.com

Posted on: 03/12/2021

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