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Planning & Property Development Update

Legal newsletter for the planning & property development sector including articles on town & village greens, overage agreements and Permitted Development Rights

September 2019
Agricultural Law Update

Legal newsletter for the agricultural sector including articles on diversification, permitted development rights on agricultural land and Health & Safety law

July 2019
New Law Journal - Mind the GDPR: a year on

The impact of the GDPR one year on from it's implementation

June 2019
Private Client Focus

Legal newsletter including articles on Lasting Powers of Attorney, probate fees and an essential guide to buying a house.

May 2019
Charity Law Update

Legal newsletter including articles on safeguarding governance, non-primary purpose trading and charity trustees' duties

February 2019
Planning Law and Policy

Legal newsletter including articles on the Community Infrastructure Levy, Permitted Development Rights, Ag tags and a planning policy update

February 2019
Regulatory Review

Legal newsletter including articles on director's duties, GDPR, food safety, H&S sentencing guidelines & motoring offences

November 2018
Employment Law Update

Legal newsletter including articles on TUPE, whistleblowing, harassment, vicarious liability & discrimination

November 2018
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Partnerships - the importance of keeping the Land Registry title documents up to date

Partnerships often use property assets for their business whether they own the freehold interest or are a tenant under a lease.

September 2019
Oral Right of Way case decided by the Courts

Courts held a Right of Way was not extinguished despite oral agreement to the contrary by previous landowner

September 2019
End to Pooling Restriction

Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) (England) (No.2) Regulations 2019 come into force on 1 September 2019

September 2019
European Champions seek to register “LIVERPOOL” as a Trade Mark in the UK

Liverpool Football Club files two applications with the IPO to register word mark “LIVERPOOL”

September 2019
Clarification on the powers of local planning authorities

Power for Council to extend the deadline for prior approval applications rejected in recent High Court Decision

August 2019
An update on post-GDPR cookie compliance

Clarification from the Information Commissioner’s Office

August 2019
Environmental net gain, a step towards legislation

Response to proposals for a mandatory bidoversity net gain for housing and commercial development in England published

August 2019
Planning to create space for beauty?

Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission has now published its interim report: “Creating Space for Beauty”

August 2019
Cohabitation law reform - an update

Modernising the law relating to cohabitants next item on the government’s family law reform agenda?

July 2019
ACAS 2018/2019 Annual Report

Statistics highlight the upward trend of employees pursuing employment tribunal claims since the abolition of fees

July 2019
The Importance of Holidays

The importance and benefits of taking your full holiday entitlement

July 2019
Are the old ways always the best ways?

Court of Appeal determine yet another case of Proprietary Estoppel.

July 2019
Another reason why having a will is so important

A well drafted Will can dictate the devolution of the assets and property in an estate in the event of a family dispute

July 2019
Settlement Agreements - What you need to know

How to negotiate a settlement agreement and what to do next

July 2019
Considering Curtilage

A recent Planning Inspectorate case has highlighted ‘curtilages’ as another peculiarity of planning in the context of permitted development

July 2019
The pitfalls of an iconic design

How Porsche lost design right battle over the 911

June 2019
2019 changes to Permitted Development Rights now in force

Amendments to the permitted development rights regime contained in the GPDO came into effect in May 2019

June 2019
After Grenfell, a move towards policy and legislative change?

Government consults on Hackitt response

June 2019
Gated communities, a planning balancing act

Recent Planning Inspectorate decision highlights the fundamental issue in development of gated communities

June 2019
Post employment Grievances

Recent case demonstrates that post-employment grievances cannot be ignored

June 2019
Time to reform our outdated Surrogacy Laws?

Law Commission of England and Wales and Scottish Law Commission announce that current laws in relation to surrogacy are outdated and require reform

June 2019
Is there any point in getting married?

An article which explores the pros and cons of marriage as against other forms of relationships.

June 2019
Letting out space in your commercial property

How to avoid potential disputes when renting out space in your commercial property to a third party occupier

June 2019
When mitigation matters … timing and the Habitats Directive

When should mitigation measures be taken into account in the planning process?

June 2019
Undoing Agricultural Ties

Recent Planning Inspectorate Appeal Decision highlights what applicants need to do to remove such condition

May 2019
Out-of-Court appointments of Administrators

E-filing of Notice of Appointment of Administrator: can it be done “Out of Hours”?

April 2019
The Benefits of Working Together

Focusing on children's needs as opposed to past differences to help children feel safe and secure

April 2019
The importance of reputation and values when negotiating s.106 agreements?

The wider reputational impact of the final negotiated agreement must be considered when negotiating planning obligations

April 2019
Sun, Sand and a whole heap of disagreement ...

The legal implications of separated parents taking children on holiday abroad and some practical considerations

April 2019
Will the Brexit divorce affect my separation? - an update

In January the EU published it’s own guidance on the impact on a “no deal” scenario on civil and commercial matters, which includes family law

April 2019
The opposite of an annexe …

Converting flats back into a single planning unit

April 2019
Brexit may frustrate you, but will it frustrate a contract?

The commercial implications of Brexit on commercial contracts will ultimately be determined by the terms upon which we leave the EU

March 2019
How much for the rooftop space?

2017 Electronic Communications Code introduces changes to the way operators may use statutory rights to install electronic communication apparatus on land.

March 2019
The Pitfalls of Positive Discrimination

Going beyond the remit of acceptable measures in applying positive action.

March 2019
Martin v Martin ... in the spotlight again!

Court of Appeal considers what to do with shareholdings in private limited companies when a marriage ends

March 2019
EU Trade Marks after Brexit

EUTM owners should - where the UK is a key territory - take steps to review what protection they currently have in the UK

March 2019
Telephone kiosk with digital advertisement panel not permitted development

Telephone kiosk with digital advertisement panel not permitted development

February 2019
Planning appeal inquiries independent review: final report published

The Rosewell Review report into Planning Appeal Inquiries concludes that active case management could halve the time from lodging an appeal to a decision

February 2019
Villages, Hamlets and Estate Agents’ windows

When is a village not a village? And when is a window a ‘window display’?

February 2019
Settling workplace disputes - “the NDA”

The use of non-disclosure agreements in cases of alleged sexual and/or racial harassments in the workplace.

February 2019
Did You Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day?

If you got engaged on Valentine’s Day you might want to think about the legal and financial implications of getting married

February 2019
Reforming water regulation: the Government consults

Latest consultation introduces proposals to improve long-term planning for water resources and drainage

February 2019
Is Age Discrimination on the rise?

Age discrimination occurs when an employee is treated less favourably because of their age

February 2019
The Chief Planning Officer writes …

Integrating the latest changes to Appropriate Assessments and a new prize for community supported design

February 2019
Reform of Residential Lease Extension Rules and Procedure Set for 2019

Law Commission publishes proposals for reform of residential lease extensions for flats and houses to promote transparency and fairness

January 2019
Water Infrastructure: new definitions amend the Planning Act 2008

Latest consultation on the new National Policy Statement published last November

January 2019
The 10 day Notice of Appointment Moratorium: When does the bell toll?

When does the 10 day moratorium expire following an NOI procedure?

January 2019
When is an annexe not an annexe? The Planning Inspectorate considers.

Recent case revisits when an annexe is not an annexe (or at least, not a separate planning unit)

January 2019
A hole lot of trouble - Nestlé takes action against vape brands

A reminder that registered marks can be protected against unauthorised third party use, even outside the classes for which they are registered

January 2019
CIL consultation

Further reforms to developer contributions: a new consultation on the Community Infrastructure Levy

January 2019
Happy New Year - did you have a good Christmas?

A surge of couples seeking a divorce is not unusual after the strain of the Christmas holidays.

January 2019
Can planning achieve more development AND more biodiversity?

Achieving more development AND more biodiversity? The government consults.

December 2018
Draft NPS for water resources infrastructure published

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs publishes further consultation

December 2018
Flavour of the month

Hard cheese for soft cheese maker with CJEU ruling

December 2018
Criminal Prosecution by the ICO

First prosecution under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 by the Information Commissioner’s Office

December 2018
Is there such a thing as a good divorce?

Rollits are proud to support Resolution’s campaign for no-fault divorce.

November 2018
Smart cities and integrated transport

… time for planning to step up to the challenge?

November 2018
Lease v licence?

It’s not always about what it says on the tin when it comes to lease v licence!

November 2018
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Rollits Recruit Senior Lawyer To Private Client Team

Rollits has appointed a new associate to its York-based private client team

September 2019
What does it mean to be free?

Every day somewhere in the UK someone is trapped as a victim of Modern Slavery.

August 2019
Rollits act as lead Corporate advisors to FTSE 250 listed company

Multi-disciplinary team advise Cranswick plc on acquisition of Katsouris Brothers

August 2019
Rollits Partner appointed as the new President of York Chamber

Andrew Digwood succeeds Bridget Meynell from Minster FM with Laurence Beardmore as his Vice President

July 2019
Rollits advise on sale of Harrogate Fudge Firm

Harrogate-based Confection by Design sold to NIC Enterprises, a wholly owned subsidiary of Orkla Food Ingredients

July 2019
Rollits continue their support of Hull Truck Theatre

Partnership allows Rollits to play a small part in helping Hull Truck to deliver great theatre.

June 2019
Retaining East Yorkshire’s Legal Talent

Rollits makes three new promotions

May 2019
Our wellbeing is a journey, not a destination

Wellbeing Week takes place at Rollits as we continue to nurture and support staff

May 2019
Rollits expands employment law team with new recruit

Leading Yorkshire law firm Rollits has expanded its employment law team with the appointment of newly qualified solicitor Nilu Love

March 2019
RTPI recognition for planning lawyer Libby

Professional recognition from the Royal Town Planning Institute for Libby Clarkson

February 2019
Rollits Celebrate Charitable Milestone with Dove House Hospice

Rollits support local Hull charity Dove House with £2660 raised from charitable activities in 2018

February 2019
Top Marks for Sarah September 2017
A family affair! November 2016
A Moth For Amy April 2016
On the Move! October 2015
Power of four April 2014
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